Thousands of poisonous crabs invade the beach and compete for space with bathers – News

Bathers who went to St. Ives, Cornwall, off the coast of England, were disappointed to find thousands of spider crabs, which disrupted the tour.

The crabs gathered at the bottom of the shallow part of the sea, before returning to the depths. Crustaceans huddle this way as a defensive strategy.

The lower part of their body, more sensitive, is not exposed, while the exoskeleton, which is the shell over the body and has more resistance, is facing upwards. See below the records made by marine photographer Kate Lowe (swipe to the side to watch the video):

“I snorkel most of the time over the years, but I’ve never seen crabs that many. When we arrived at the beach it looked like there were many black stones below the surface”, says the photographer, who said that “there were thousands of crabs” in the sea.

It is worth noting that this crustacean is poisonous, but harmless to humans. But a “pinch” coming from the claws of this animal does not provide the best of sensations.

It is expected that soon, the group of spider crabs will return to the deepest part of the ocean, when they finish shedding the outer shell, and bathing on the beach will become more accessible and pleasant for humans again.

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