tool that few know is useful in the app

In work or college groups, users often exchange a lot of important information. It is possible that people end up losing certain content because they stopped saving. Despite the possibility of taking a screenshot or leaving a message in the notepad, there is a feature of the platform that saves subjects that must be remembered.

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Really Necessary Tools

Currently, the Whatsapp is considered a means of communication recognized by organizations. Therefore, daily several announcements are made in the chat, ensuring that everyone has access to information. However, amid so many documents, audios and discussions, quickly rescuing what was said ensures that nothing urgent is ignored.

An overlooked but very useful feature

In an application conversation, pressing an incoming or outgoing message can save it. The ”favorite” action causes a tab to bring together everything that has been selected. However, remember to check whenever you can, reserved passages that refer to something specific. It’s no use identifying a relevant notice, bookmarking it and then forgetting to access the folder.

How to find favorite messages on WhatsApp

First, access your account’s ”Settings” by clicking on ”Favorite Messages”. A list will appear with all the saved messages and even a search tool, making it easier to find the messages. As said, always check which boxes are checked and delete anything that is no longer relevant. By doing this with temporary messagesthey will no longer exist in favorites when the time window ends.

By saving a message and clicking on the text, you will be directed to the recipient, with the possibility of responding quickly.

Despite being an old feature, few recognize its importance and stop using it.

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