Vasco’s performances: Eguinaldo and Andrey are the highlights against Guarani; see notes | vasco

Thiago Rodrigues [G]: Guarani didn’t take as much danger, but he was decisive when required. He did very well in two very difficult headers. Grade: 7.0

Leo Matos [LD]: returned to the team and had a discreet performance. In the end he almost committed a penalty foul near the area. Grade: 5.0

Best moments: Vasco 2 x 1 Guarani, for the 27th round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

Best moments: Vasco 2 x 1 Guarani, for the 27th round of the Brasileirão Serie B 2022

Quinteros [Z]: Vasco’s defense suffered in the air balls, but Quintero did not compromise. Note: 5.5

Anderson Conceição [Z]: not had a good night. He scored against Guarani’s goal, felt it and made a silly mistake right away. Then he pulled himself together and helped hold on to the victory. Grade: 4.0

Eguinaldo celebrates a goal in Vasco x Guarani – Photo: André Durão

edimar [LE]: safe in the markup. He appeared little in the attack, but stole the ball that led to the penalty kick for Vasco’s first goal. Note: 5.5

Yuri [V]: the usual fight. He got the better of most ball disputes. Grade: 6.0

Andrey [V]: is by far Vasco’s most regular player. Usually the team’s main plays pass through his feet. He had direct participation in the second goal. Grade: 7.0

baby [M]: opened the way to victory in penalty kick, but continues to miss many passes, which irritated part of the crowd in São Januário. He heard boos. Grade: 5.0

Marlon Gomes [M]: he was doing well in the game, started the play for the second goal and was substituted at the beginning of the second half by Figueiredo. The crowd booed Emílio Fato’s change. Grade: 6.0

Alex Teixeira [A]: suffered the penalty that opened the way to victory and started a good counterattack wasted by Nenê. He started on the left wing, but at the end of the first half he reversed with Eguinaldo and started to play centrally. He is still in debt, but he left the game applauded. Note: 5.5

Eguinaldo [A]: joined the team well. He started centrally, looked for the game, but grew wide open on the left. He scored the second goal, in an opportunistic move. He also left Nenê in front of the goal at the end of the first half, but shirt 10 kicked out. He almost scored a beautiful goal in a rush down the left. Grade: 7.0

"Not relieved, but breathing", says João Almirante |  The Voice of the Crowd

“Not relieved, but breathing”, says João Almirante | The Voice of the Crowd

Figueiredo [A]: entered in the second half, ran a lot and helped with the marking, but appeared little in the attack: At the end of the match he gave a good pass for Fábio Gomes to almost score. Note: 5.5

palaces [M]: had a chance to score after a beautiful play by Andrey, but he shot badly. Grade: 5.0

Gabriel Pec [A]: a lot of run. His entry into the second half gave the team a new lease of life. Note: 5.5

Fábio Gomes [A]: entered at the end and had a chance to widen after receiving from Andrey, but kicked in the hands of the goalkeeper: Note: 4.5

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