Will Instagram and WhatsApp stop being free? See what the target says

The group Goal – owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp – announced that the platforms may have paid features and that a team responsible for developing these features has already been created. The information is from The Verge, a portal specialized in technology.

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The site had access to an internal memo from Meta, a company under the command of Mark Zuckerberg. It contains the registration for the creation of a new division of the company, which was called “New Monetized Experiences”.

Will platforms stop being free?

It’s not yet clear what kind of extra monetization this will be. What is known is that it will take place within the three platforms.

In an interview with The Verge, company executive John Hegeman, responsible for this department, said that Meta intends to keep up with market changes. Recently, Telegram, Snapchat and Twitter have launched monthly subscriptions on their platforms.

“I think we’re seeing opportunities to build new types of products, activities and experiences that people would be willing to pay for and excited to pay for,” said Hegeman.

Nowadays, Instagram and Facebook work with some paid features, however, they do not have regular users as their audience, being the focus on content producers.

Billing now? understand the reason

With the free applications, Meta’s main source of revenue was the advertising market. By charging advertisers, it avoided doing the same to users.

However, with the drop in investments in digital advertisingmany companies have lost interest in so-called “targeted advertising” on these digital platforms.

In addition, Apple started to offer in its iOS operating system a function in which people are no longer tracked by the apps they use, which makes this strategy of reaching the consumer to lose strength.

Regarding paid services, according to Hegeman, they should not become the company’s main source of income. However, the executive spoke of a horizon of “five years” for these tools to start making a difference. For now, they are only seen as business diversification.

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