With several premieres, cinemas have a packed schedule

The schedule is full from today (1) in Sorocaba cinemas. Animation, drama, horror, comedy and superhero adventure are some of the genres available to the public who likes to follow the stories through the big screen.

Three Brazilian productions promise to involve the public with stories of faith, of the ex-emperor Dom Pedro and comedy about family relationships. The first is “O predestinado”, and tells the story of José Pedro de Freitas – Zé Arigó – a simple man who lived with his wife in Minas Gerais. During the 50’s, a time when the spiritist religion was not so well known and respected in the country, Arigó became a symbol of hope through his surgeries and spiritual cures.

Laís Bodanzky is the director of “A Viagem de Pedro” which seeks to bring the public a more sensitive look at the feelings that the former Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro I had during his return to Europe in 1831 after his brother usurped his kingdom in Portugal. Aboard a frigate, members of the court, officers, servants and enslaved are mixed, in a babel of languages ​​and social positions. Pedro finds himself sick and insecure and in search of himself.

For those who like to have a good laugh around family relationships, the movie “My Perfect Family” may be the option. Fred has a typical Italian family and is embarrassed to introduce her to his girlfriends, but that changes when he meets Denise and, in an attempt to get it right, ends up hiring actors he met during a “margarine family” commercial to impress the bride-to-be, but the plan goes awry and the new family isn’t quite what the publicist expected.

Based on the novel by Delia Owens, “A Place Far Away From Here” opens in all theaters in the city after its preview last week. The film has two timelines. The first is about Kya, an abandoned girl who had to raise herself on a swamp in North Carolina after losing her parents. The second timeline is related to two young men where Kya opens up to a new world, but when one of them is found dead, she is immediately considered the prime suspect. As the case unfolds, the truth becomes increasingly nebulous.

for the kids

In “Pinocchio: The Wooden Boy”, Geppetto lets his wooden son see the world with his horse and friend Tibald. Together they participated in a traveling circus and there the puppet does well in acrobatics and will still be able to discover something that will make him a real human. The Brazilian animation “Tromba Trem” tells the story of the elephant Gajah who ends up losing his celebrity status after becoming the main suspect in a mysterious disappearance.

Cure or nightmare?

In the movie Men: The Faces of Fear, Harper decides to go alone on a retreat to a beautiful English countryside, hoping to find a place to heal after a personal tragedy. But someone or something from the surrounding forest seems to be chasing her. What starts out as a dread becomes a nightmare as it is inhabited by your darkest memories and fears.

memories return

In “A Ticket to Paradise”, with Julia Roberts, the daughter of a couple separated for 25 years, she decides to marry impulsively. In an attempt to prevent their daughter from making the same mistake as them, father and mother travel to an island in Bali and set up various sabotages and plans that are not always so successful. In this “joke”, the ex-couple ends up getting closer and having the opportunity to rethink, after their daughter’s marriage, their relationship.


During a conference in Istanbul, Dr. Alithea Binnie meets a “djinn”, which in the West is commonly called a genie. He offers three wishes in exchange for his freedom, but that brings trouble. Between discoveries and doubts, she is seduced and makes a wish that surprises both, which leads to consequences that neither of them expected. This is the proposal of the American film “Once upon a time there was a genius”.


The third film in the Spider-Man franchise starring actor Tom Holland returns to the big screen in an extended version after its first official premiere at the end of last year. The movie titled “Spider-Man: No Homecoming” shows that with his identity revealed, Peter asks Doctor Strange for help and when a spell goes wrong, dangerous enemies from other worlds begin to appear. (Thais Marcolino)

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