WiZ Hero: the smart lamp that was missing from your desk? | Analysis / Review

After opening the door to the national market last year, bringing, among other products, LED strip, remote control and presence sensor – which we have already reviewed here, Signify has taken another step in its participation on Brazilian soil. and announced the all-new Wiz Hero smart light fixture.

On our bench, you can check out everything the lamp has to offer and discover, together with us, if it is the light that was needed to make the rooms of your home or office smarter!

WiZ LED strip, control and presence sensor

07 Dec

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Quality and first impressions

Accompanied by manual and power supply, as soon as we take the WiZ Hero out of the box we realize that we are dealing with a good quality product. As seen in other devices of the brand, here we have a great impression regarding its construction.

Owner of a minimalist look, mixing white and gray, the lamp is relatively compact, with well oval corners, and is finished in hard plastic. On the front, we only have the company logo; on the back, input for power supply and on/off button.

Despite the location of this button, which can be difficult to access depending on where the luminaire will be placed, activating the device is still quite simple. That’s because Hero has a feature that makes its activation much easier.

Thanks to a sensor located at the top of the device, two “taps” on the top of the luminaire are enough to turn the light on or off. A great product design.


Plugged in, it is necessary to connect the light to the company’s app. With the app properly downloaded and open on your smartphone, just press the button to add a new device and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the connection.

Here, where we already had an environment configured within the app with some items added, everything went smoothly, with the light being identified automatically at the indicated time.

In this regard, it is worth noting that, as with other products of the brand, Hero is only able to connect to 2.4 Ghz networks – something justifiable, given that the lamp will not necessarily be placed close to the router.


With the luminaire properly added to the app, it’s time to see how it interacts with other existing devices and its overall responsiveness.

Initially added to the living room, the luminaire interacted very well with all the other appliances of the brand, responding well to the presence sensor and the remote control, working simultaneously with the LED strip – which here, is in the same environment.

To change the luminaire for the room, just the physical change between the environments is not enough. Here, it was necessary to create a new room in the app and assign the lamp to it. At least, the whole process is quite simple, being only necessary to access the luminaire settings and signal the change to another environment.

But the company’s app enables much more than just that. Through WiZ, the user can configure all Hero settings, defining lights for specific situations, switching between more comforting or real colors, or opting for lighting that improves your experience when watching TV or that gives you a little boost in a most intimate moment; selecting between “Romance”, “Candlelight” or “Fireplace” modes.

In total, there are more than 25 pre-defined modes, and it is also possible to define the white temperature and a custom color, taking advantage of all 16 million possibilities of the RGB spectrum; regulating the intensity of the emitted light, controlling the brightness of the environment.


Developer: WiZ Connected Lighting Co.

Free of charge

Size: Varies by platform

Integration with assistants

But Hero’s feature set doesn’t stop there! In a similar way to what happens in other products of the brand, in addition to being able to interact with the luminaire through physical means, it is also possible to control it through a personal assistant.

As highlighted in the accessory box, the lamp can be controlled through Alexa, Google and Siri Shortcuts (from Apple). In fact, it is compatible with more than 10 smart home management platforms, including IFTT, Enki, Marusya, Home, etc.

Properly integrated into your Google or Amazon account (Alexa) or setting a shortcut on Siri (iPhone and iPad), it is possible to give voice commands to the assistant embedded in your smartphone or in your speaker box to perform tasks such as calling and turn off the light, increase and decrease the brightness intensity and even change the color.

In addition, thanks to the “Scenes” tab of the WiZ application, it is possible to define states for each of the lamps (if there is more than one), register this state as a routine in Google, in Alexa or as a Siri shortcut, and activate the scene with a simple voice command registered in the smart assistant.

It is worth it?

To answer this question, it is first necessary to analyze some aspects.

Similar to what we’ve seen for other products from the brand that have passed through our countertop, the WiZ Hero brings a great build quality, in addition to a uniform, pleasant and considerably strong light emission at its highest brightness setting – despite the its compact size.

In addition, the product design is excellent and the idea of ​​the two “pats” on the top of the lamp to turn it on and off is a great idea. Other points that stand out are the ease of configuration and use, and the amount of adjustments available through the company’s application.

However, despite so many qualities, a specific point can weigh (and a lot) in the purchase decision: the price. Sold in the range of R$450, the amount charged by Hero is slightly above options from major players in the market, such as Xiaomi, AGL and Elsys – which offer very similar lamps in their catalogs.

With that, the assertiveness of the answer to the question asked here depends on the size of your pocket. As we mentioned, there are proposals from other brands that can deliver similar quality for a lower price. However, for those looking to unify the way their home lights work and looking for a brand that, in addition to lighting, also offers accessories, betting on WiZ – and consequently, on Hero – can be a great option.

Positive and negative points

good finishUniform, pleasant and strong lightSupport for multiple assistants

But what about you, what do you think of WiZ Hero? Tell us here in the comments! If you liked the lamp, as usual, the best prices for it and other products from the brand can be found in the cards below!

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