Young woman is killed by her boyfriend after he read messages on her cell phone, in Ferros

A crisis of jealousy after reading messages on his girlfriend’s cell phone led a 21-year-old to stab his wife to death in the early hours of Wednesday (31) in Ferros, a city of less than 10,000 inhabitants in the Central region of Minas Gerais. . Maria Clara Oliveira Soares, also 21, was found by her sister on the couple’s bed, completely bloody, early in the morning.

The suspect was arrested by the Military Police (PM) hours later at his mother’s house, being located with knife wounds in the neck made by himself, who tried to kill himself after the crime. Taken to the hospital, the boy, who also had scratches on his arms, reported that during the night he took his companion’s cell phone and saw messages that, for him, would prove a betrayal.

Indignant at the possible infidelity, he would have taken a knife and would be taking blows to his own neck, when Maria Clara woke up and started trying to remove the knife from her hands while denying any betrayal. At this moment, according to the boy’s version, the woman would have pulled the knife from her hands and ended up being hit.

The suspect also claimed that he had tried to stop his girlfriend’s bleeding, but, realizing that the wound was very large, left the house at around 4 am, which was confirmed by security camera footage. After leaving the residence, the boy claimed to have thrown himself off a bridge, not having been injured and then tried to drown himself, but ended up giving up, taking a bicycle that was on the street and heading to his mother’s house.

The suspect’s mother told the military that her son arrived early in the morning, completely bloody, and saying that he tried to kill himself and would have injured his girlfriend, who had probably died. Frightened, she called a retired military police officer and asked him to go to her daughter-in-law’s house to check on the situation.

The man jumped over the wall of the house and came across the victim’s sister, who said she had not seen anything unusual. They then went to the bedroom, where they found the injured young woman. A doctor attended the scene and ended up finding that Maria Clara was already dead.

Couple had broken up two weeks earlier, but got back together

Also according to the PM, the victim’s sister said that about two weeks ago the two had broken up, however, three days later, they resumed their relationship and would be fine. The night before, they would have arrived home around 9 pm, and the young woman’s family member said she had not noticed any change in their behavior or heard any noise at the time of the crime.

The expertise of the Civil Police was at the scene to carry out the initial surveys, stating that Maria Clara suffered two deep cuts in the neck region and others, more superficial, in other parts of the body. After consultation, the PM found that there was no past record of domestic violence involving the couple.

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