15 Infidelity Movies Better Than The Faithful Husband

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This week, my post from The Faithful Husbandwhich is in the ranking of Netflix, caused controversy because the Danish film is dividing opinion. I hated the movie – click here to read my opinion. And that’s where this list was born!

buried > In the Polish film, an accident occurs in a coal mine. Only one man failed to get out in time for the collapse. He is Oskar, married to Magda and who has Kacper as his best friend. Magda arrives at the scene of the tragedy and… Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.

Queen of Hearts > In the Danish drama, a successful lawyer, played by the wonderful Trine Dyrholm, can put her marriage and her career at risk when she becomes involved with her young stepson. Where to watch: Look.

love to three > Daphne (Shailene Woodley) is ready to enjoy the single life and goes to bed with Frank (Sebastian Stan) and then Jack (Jamie Dornan). Detail: she doesn’t know that they are very good friends. But she prefers the company of intellectual Jack and sexual pleasure with Frank. What to do? Where to watch: Paramount+.

Just one night > While Michael (Sam Worthington) goes on a business trip with a sensual colleague, his wife (Keira Knightley), who suspects her husband is cheating on her, reconnects with a charming French ex-boyfriend Alex (Guillaume Canet). Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video and Looke.

The lover > In the Tunisian film, Hedi, a car salesman, sees his life planned by his family. From an appointment with Khedija, he ends up meeting on a business trip the exuberant Rim, with whom he falls in love. Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video, Fine Arts à la Carte and Looke.

The Last Love Letter > The plot takes place in two seasons. In 1965, Jennifer (Shailene Woodley) is married to a millionaire businessman, was in a car accident and lost her memory. In the present day, a reporter (Felicy Jones) finds a love letter in old newspaper archives. Present and past will come together in an exciting outcome. Where to watch: Netflix.

newness > Gabi and Martin meet through a dating app and just want one night of sex in Los Angeles. But they realize that they have affinities and, as they like novelties, they decide to keep an open relationship. Where to watch: Netflix.

The Art of Loving > In 1970, the doctor Michalina Wislocka tries to publish a book in communist Poland, which deals with love, sex and female orgasm in a natural way. To explain the origin of this character, the film goes back in time and, from the Second World War, the caught involved in a love triangle. Where to watch: Netflix.

Cobalt blue > A rare Indian romantic drama, quite daring for the country, about the passion that is born between a young student and a plastic artist. But the relationship will take an unexpected turn. Where to watch: Netflix.

Love songs > French director Christophe Honoré mixes dramas, romances and musical to approach possible loves and their unexpected consequences. The heartthrob Louis Garrel is one of the protagonists. Where to watch: Imovision booking.

altarpiece > The Peruvian drama paints a sad portrait of homosexuality in a remote village in the Andes. The focus is on Noah, who is married and the father of a 14-year-old boy. A revelation is about to explode and change the lives of everyone around him. Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video.

To My Dead Beloved > Aly Muritiba, director of private desert, made a great debut in feature films telling the story of Fernando who, after the death of his wife, discovers that she was cheating on him. His obsession now is finding her lover. Where to watch: Netflix.

Suk Suk > A married man from Hong Kong befriends another man in his sixties, who is the father of a boy. It doesn’t take long for both to find affinities, including sexual ones. A sad portrait of the homosexuality of past generations, still confined in the closet. Where to watch: Netflix.

in the game of love > In the German dramatic comedy, two couples meet in a house on the coast. Janina arrives accompanied by Nils while Maria is pure happiness in Ben’s arms. From there, the script clarifies that there was an exchange of couples for a month and… Where to watch: Netflix.

There Is No I in Threesome > The proposal for the New Zealand documentary is great. Jan and Zoe make wedding plans. In the twelve months leading up to the party, however, they will live an open relationship. They can have sex with anyone, as long as there is no love – just sex! Where to watch: HBO Max.

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