4 discounted models to get into the World Cup mood

The World Cup in Qatar is just around the corner (it starts on November 20th) and many people must already be thinking about switching TVs to watch the matches of the Brazilian soccer team.

With increasingly modern devices, the prices of some models can scare the most unsuspecting. In this case, the way is to take advantage of promotions whenever they arise.

On Amazon it is possible to find a good quality smart TV with discounts of up to R$ 580. If you are considering investing in a new device, it is good to run, as the offers are for a limited time and subject to stock.

For those looking for a new TV, in addition to the image quality, there are other aspects that must be taken into account when choosing, such as response time and noise reduction, which are also important to avoid that trace of movement.

It is also important to understand the technology of the device. LED, OLED, QLED, 4K are some features that smart TVs offer.

If you want to know more about smart TVs, check out our selection of models on offer below:

Smart TV 55 4K UHD – LG

Smart TV 55 4K UHD - LG - Disclosure - Disclosure

Smart TV 55 4K UHD – LG

Image: Disclosure

Price: from BRL 3,312 to BRL 2,725.34 in cash payment (discount of BRL 586.66)

For those who like LG appliances, this is an interesting opportunity to secure a high-quality TV at a discount.

One of the model’s differentials is the HDR, which means “High Dynamic Range”, or high dynamic range, in free translation. This format indicates the number of colors each pixel uses. Thus, it brings more fidelity to the real images, with a greater enhancement of brightness and contrast.

In addition, this smart will accompany you far beyond the World Cup: it has a smart home feature, ThinQ.

This is the name of the artificial intelligence created by LG to integrate connected appliances, from the refrigerator to the washing machine. This intelligence allows you to control functions through your voice.

pros: LG ThinQ Artificial Intelligence; model with HDR.

cons: 60 Hz refresh rate, which means lower performance for games and content with fast scenes, such as some sports or action movies.

Smart TV 65″ Crystal UHD – Samsung

Smart TV 65" Crystal UHD 65BU8000 - Samsung - Disclosure - Disclosure
Image: Disclosure

Price: from BRL 4,238.94 to BRL 4,010 (discount of BRL 228.94)

The LED screen of this model is a technology that works well to this day and is present in most smart TVs. The Light Emitting Diode is a small digital lamp that uses semiconductors to produce light, rather than the processes used in an incandescent or fluorescent lamp.

Thus, instead of illuminating the entire screen, the work is done so that only some points are separately illuminated, bringing better definition of images. But it is worth remembering that there are already more advanced technologies that offer better image quality, such as QLED and OLED.

Overall, this 4K resolution device brings sync to real-time images and allows you to have the best of colors, with purer and cleaner details thanks to its technology. In practice, 4K means that this device has four times the quality of a just Full HD.

It has another differential: the Dynamic Crystal Color. This feature improves your experience and guarantees an ultra resolution to follow sports, movies, series and even play video games.

pros: It has a high sound quality, which follows the action of the scenes in real time with a great sound synchronization.

cons: has a lower frequency (60 Hz) compared to other models of the same generation. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the scene switching will be.

SK8300 4K LED Smart TV – SEMP

Smart TV SEMP SK8300 - Disclosure - Disclosure

Smart TV SEMP SK8300

Image: Disclosure

Price: from BRL 2,499 to BRL 2,199 (BRL 300 discount)

This is a more basic smart TV model from SEMP in Brazil and also a cheaper option than Samsung and LG devices. With it, you can watch movies and series and play games in 4K quality. But, the 60 Hz refresh rate can be a downside, as the transition of images is less smooth and can end up leaving streaks on the screen.

It is worth mentioning the Android TV operating system and the connection via bluetooth, which allows full integration with smartphones. In this way, it is possible to mirror the screen of the cell phone, tablet or notebook on the TV, in addition to configuring the device through the smartphone.

The TV also has integration with Google Assistant, which allows you to use voice commands. In addition to commands such as turning the device on and off, it is possible to use features integrated with the smartphone, such as writing down reminders, appointments or asking for the weather forecast.

Pros: Android TV operating system; Google Assistant; bluetooth connection.

Cons: refresh rate of 60 Hz; Wi-fi connection only on 2.4 GHz network (slower than 5 GHz); Content that is not 4K may experience loss of quality.

Smart TV QLED 55″ QN55Q70A – Samsung

Smart TV QLED 4K 55 - Samsung - Disclosure - Disclosure

Smart TV QLED 4K 55 – Samsung

Image: Disclosure

Price: from BRL 4,089.65 to BRL 3,720 (discount of BRL 369.65)

This smart TV is QLED (Quantum Dot Emitting Diodes). The letter “Q” stands for “quantum dot”, a tiny semiconductor nanocrystal 10,000 times smaller than hair, placed between the LCD panel and the LED backlight.

This technology serves to increase the overall color accuracy and brightness of an LCD screen. It doesn’t change the lighting process, but adds a “Q” filter that improves the image, also ensuring more sharpness and sensitivity to motion.

The model also offers an ultrawide screen and game menu for you to have a better view of your game with 21:9 or 32:9 screen format options, as well as an intuitive menu to query input lag, FPS, HDR and other important information quickly.

pros: images with more contrast and more vivid colors; good performance for games; virtual sound in motion to follow the action and immerse you.

cons: because it has more advanced technology, it is more expensive.

We choose each product carefully, independently, and check prices on the date of publication (that is, they may vary!). When you buy through our link, we earn a commission, but you don’t pay extra for it.

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