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The film private desertproduced by former students of the Cinema and Audiovisual course at the State University of Paraná (Unespar), was nominated last week by the Brazilian Academy of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts to represent Brazil at the 2022 Oscars. other 15 national films.

The work will be evaluated together with the nominations from other countries and, if approved, must go through two stages: the first in a list with 15 pre-nominated in the month of December and the second, in February, with the five finalists who will compete. to the Oscars.

Awarded at the 2021 Venice Film Festival, the feature will make its Brazilian debut at the 45th International Film Festival in São Paulo, which starts next week. On November 25, it hits theaters across the country.

Director Aly Muritiba, based in Paraná, is one of the graduates and highlights the importance of the course in his professional training. “The course was extremely important for me to meet partner professionals on my professional journey. Being at a public university with quality professors was crucial for me to become a filmmaker,” he explained.

Another 15 professionals who also studied at Unespar are part of the film’s technical team. They were part of the stage of production, direction of photography, editing and writing the script. The Film and Audiovisual course is one of the most sought after graduations at the institution.

Producer Antônio Gonçalves Junior, for example, graduated from university in 2011. According to him, the audiovisual industry has incredible talent in Paraná.

“A public course in cinema is extremely strategic for a State and for a Country. South Korea managed to do with an Oscar-winning film (Parasite) and the most watched series in history (round 6) with public investments that began in the 1990s and are now at their peak. With a public policy applied continuously, it is possible to achieve more expressive results”, he said.

For the dean of Unespar, Salete Machado Sirino, the nomination for the main and most relevant award in the film industry clearly represents a differential of the film. “The fact that the creators of this work are former students of a state university attests to the excellence of teaching and reinforces the importance of the arts as a major area of ​​knowledge,” she said.

REFERENCE – The Cinema and Audiovisual course, created in 2005, is a national reference in the training of producers, cinematographers, directors, screenwriters, editors and researchers. In 2020, the movie Alice Juniorwhich also has the participation of undergraduate students, was selected for an official exhibition at the Berlin Film Festival.

The course coordinator, Professor Luis Fernando Severo, highlights the projection that the Oscars provide for film production in Paraná. “The participation of our former students in awards is extremely important, not only for the recognition of the course, but also for the cinema of Paraná. As a result, we were able to attract more investments and new partnerships. The course produces quality materials, contributing to the art and culture of the State,” he said.

According to him, Unespar has already trained 400 professionals for the Brazilian and international markets of the seventh art.

SYNOPSIS private desert will be launched by Pandora Filmes and also had the participation of Grafo Audiovisual and Fado Filmes. The film has scenes in Curitiba. In the plot, Daniel is an exemplary police officer, but ends up making a mistake that jeopardizes his career. When nothing seems to hold him back to Paraná, he leaves in search of Sara, a woman with whom he has a virtual relationship.

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