Alleged photo of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4080 is posted on Twitter

Image reveals that the model may be similar in size and design to the RTX 3090

With little time left for the official reveal of the new RTX 40 line (Ada Lovelace), a alleged image of the RTX 4080 model began to circulate on the internet. The leaker known as KittyYukoo released a photograph that seems to match to the Founders Edition of the new modelwhich bears great similarities with the RTX 3090 already available on the market.

The alleged RTX 4080 has a considerable size and should have a configuration that takes up two to possibly three slots. The released image also shows the use of a font other than NVIDIA’s standard, which the VideoCardz website justifies by the recent introduction of new NVIDIA Sans NALA model on the manufacturer’s official website.

So far there is no way to confirm the authenticity of the image, and its great resemblance to the RTX 3090 generates questions about whether it is not a mere montage. There is also the possibility that the revealed unit will only be used for internal testing and that, at its official launch, the RTX 4080 will bring a differentiated design.

RTX 4080 to be unveiled at the end of September

What seems to be clear from the reports released in recent months about the RTX 40 range is that your main models must be of considerable size. Given the increase in power and energy consumption expected for the new GPUs, NVIDIA should bet on designs that provide better air circulation and cooling of internal components.

Recent reports indicate that, with less than a month to go before the launch of Ada Lovelace products, the company will still be making the last decisions about the specifications of each of them. This week, leaker Kopite7Kimi released leaks of what appear to be two different configurations of the RTX 4070which bring variations in areas such as number of CUDA cores, memory bandwidth and energy consumption.

NVIDIA is expected to reveal the first details of the RTX line in a presentation scheduled for the 20th of september. Rumors indicate that, due to the large inventories of RTX 30 models still available on the market, the company may introduce only the RTX 4090 first for, as the units of old products are sold out, start the gradual introduction of new models in the market.

RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 have expected power consumption reduced by almost 30%

RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 have expected power consumption reduced by almost 30%
NVIDIA continues to make tweaks to its new hardware that should be announced in a few months.


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Source: VideoCardz, PC Gamer

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