Atlético-GO beats São Paulo 3-1 in the Copa Sudamericana

In the Brazilian semifinal of the Copa Sudamericana, Atlético-GO was superior in all aspects, took advantage of the expulsion of Igor Gomes in the first half, beat São Paulo 3-1 this Thursday (1st), at the Serra Stadium Golden, and opened up a great advantage in the dispute. Jorginho, Shaylon and Léo Pereira scored the goals of the Dragon’s victory. Luciano scored for Tricolor.

The return game takes place next week, on Thursday (8). To advance to the semifinals, São Paulo needs to win by three goals, at Morumbi. Tricolor advantage by two goals takes the decision to penalties. The Goiás team can lose by up to one goal that qualifies. Whoever advances to the final gets Independiente del Valle-EQU or Melgar-PER.

The first minutes gave the impression that São Paulo would make favoritism prevail, with the São Paulo team dominating the actions. Even at home, Atlético-GO gave the ball to São Paulo and chose to try to exploit the counterattacks. The strategy was made easier after the Dragon got a nice triangulation from the right. Dudu served Jorginho, who appeared free in the area and only had the job of pushing the ball towards the São Paulo goal, making it 1 to 0 in the 11th minute.

The São Paulo club felt the goal. The difficulty in getting infiltrations in the opposing defense – a recurring problem in the year – reappeared. But the Goianos could not take advantage of the score. In a resumption of the ball by Reinaldo, São Paulo took advantage of the fact that Atlético-GO’s defense was messed up and tied. Rodrigo Nestor found Luciano in the area, who headed with no chance for goalkeeper Renan, in the 23rd minute.

The game changed in the first half. Igor Gomes, who was coming on an unhappy journey, was sent off in the 40th minute, forcing Rogério Ceni to promote two exchanges in the first half. Welington and Patrick replaced Reinaldo and Ferraresi, respectively. Thus, Ceni broke up the defense trio and left Luciano to continue helping Calleri in attack, with Pablo Maia, Nestor and Patrick in midfield.

Eduardo Batista launched the team to attack in the second half with Shaylon in place of Baralhas’ midfielder. At 11 minutes, Jandrei missed, the ball hit Diego Costa and Shaylon, sitting on the ground, put Atlético-GO ahead on the scoreboard. The hosts then returned to expect São Paulo’s mistakes. At 32 minutes he came. Léo Pereira easily won against Diego Costa, invaded the area and played on Jandrei’s exit, expanding the advantage and leaving the team in a great situation.

who did well

Eduardo Baptista. Hired last weekend, the coach managed to corner São Paulo. After the expulsion of Igor Gomes, he first sent the team to attack. Then he retreated and “killed” São Paulo on the counterattack.

who was bad

Igor Gomes. Volunteering, he tried to help by appearing as an option in various parts of the camp. But in less than eight minutes, he committed two fouls, received two yellow cards and left São Paulo with one player less in the 40th minute of the first half.

São Paulo’s performance

Dominated from the start, he gave the fans hope after tying the game in the first half. But he lost control of the match in the final stage and was in a difficult situation in the knockout stage.

Atletico-GO performance

He knew how to exploit the weaknesses of São Paulo. He scored from Reinaldo’s back, took advantage of Jandrei’s failure and counterattacked at the right time to score the third and open up a good lead.


Jorginho, in the 11th minute of the first half, opened the scoring for the hosts. Luciano equalized in the opening stage, at 23 minutes. Shaylon, at 11, and Léo Pereira, at 32 minutes of the second half, scored for the Goiás team.


Competition: Copa Sudamericana – semifinals
Date and time: September 1, 2022 (Thursday), at 21:30 (Brasília time)
Place: Serra Dourada Stadium, in Goiania
Referee: Jesus Valenzuela (Venezuela)
Assistants: Carlos Lopez and Tulio Moreno (Venezuela)
VAR: Juan Soto (Venezuela)
goals: Jorginho, 11 minutes into the first half (Atlético-GO); Luciano, 23 minutes into the first half (São Paulo); Shaylonat 11, and Léo Pereira, at 32 minutes of the second half
Yellow cards: Wanderson, Edson Fernando and Dudu (Atlético-GO); Igor Gomes (Sao Paulo)
Red card: Igor Gomes (Sao Paulo)

ATHLETIC-GO: Renan; Dudu (Hayner), Wanderson, Klaus and Jefferson; Decks (Shaylon), Edson Fernando, Marlon Freitas and Jorginho; Wellington Rato and Churin. Technician: Eduardo Baptista.

SAO PAULO: Jandrei; Ferraresi (Patrick), Diego Costa and Léo; Igor Vinícius, Pablo Maia (Gabriel Neves), Rodrigo Nestor, Igor Gomes and Reinaldo (Welington); Luciano (Marcos Guilherme) and Calleri. Technician: Rogerio Ceni.

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