Baby born with mermaid tail, not a boy or a girl, intrigues doctors

A baby was born in India with a rare syndrome known as sirenomelia. In such cases, the child does not fully develop. The baby was born without sexual organs – therefore it is not a girl or a boy -, with an incomplete intestine and without legs. In place of the lower limbs, a formation similar to a mermaid’s tail.

Baby born with rare formation called Mermaid Syndrome –  photo: mermaidBaby born with rare formation called Mermaid Syndrome – Photo: mermaid

The delivery took place in a Primary Health Centre, a kind of small hospital, in Shivpuri. Doctors, surprised, soon after birth referred the mother and baby to a large hospital, in order to provide better treatment.

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The news came out on “Daily India”, but gained repercussion on local social networks. As a result, hundreds of people flock to the hospital’s door. India is a religious country and such an anomaly is regarded as a divinity in the country. According to the portal, the family does not know how to deal with the situation, especially in relation to the sex of the baby.

Child has no genital organ, therefore, it is neither a boy nor a girl –  Photo: reproductionChild does not have a genital organ, therefore, it is neither a boy nor a girl – Photo: Reproduction

So the child still doesn’t have a name. Despite the anomalies, the baby had no health problems and breathes well. He was born with 1.5 kg.

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