Cabo Tristão says he is against mandatory cameras in the Military Police uniform and defends encouraging mining and technology in schools | Elections 2022 in Minas Gerais

The PMB candidate for the government of Minas Gerais, Cabo Tristão, was the ninth interviewee in the g1 series, which began on August 22nd.

To journalists Liliana Junger and Thais Pimentel, Cabo Tristão said that he is against the mandatory use of cameras in the uniform of military police officers.

  • Cabo Tristão, PMB candidate for the government of Minas, is interviewed by g1

He also stated that he intends to encourage and reduce the bureaucracy of mining operations for small and medium-sized miners and that he wants to implement the model of Colégio Tiradentes, of the Military Police, in state schools, with more technology.

Romeu Zema (Novo) opened the series of interviews with candidates for the government of Minas, on the 22nd. On the 23rd of August, it was the turn of Carlos Viana, from the PL. On the 24th, Alexandre Kalil (PSD). The three candidates scored 5% or higher in the Aug. 15 IPEC poll and were therefore interviewed live.

The other candidates for the government of Minas participated in recorded interviews. The one by Marcus Pestana (PSDB) was broadcast on August 25; that of Indira Xavier (UP), on the 26th; that of Renata Regina (PCB), on the 29th; that of Lorene Figueiredo (PSOL), on the 30th; and Vanessa Portugal (PSTU), on the 31st.

Lourdes Francisco’s interview (PCO) will be shown this Friday (2).

Cabo Tristão’s interview was recorded on August 26th.


Cabo Tristão said he is against the mandatory use of cameras in military police uniforms.

In recent months, Minas Gerais has recorded suspected cases of police abuse and violence. On August 19, a 15-year-old boy was killed in Belo Horizonte. In July, a 29-year-old man was also killed during a police approach in Contagem.

“The military police officer has less than a second to make the decision if he shoots a person, if he dies, if he is arrested, he has no legal backing,” he said.

For Cabo Tristão, if the use of cameras is mandatory, the number of approaches and police operations will be reduced.

“We miners don’t want a ‘half-mouth’ police. We want a strong police, a perennial police, a police that really gets there, enters the citizen’s house with a security warrant and does what has to be done “, said.

Regarding the fact that he did not mention proposals aimed at women in the government plan, Cabo Tristão said that he thanked the president of the PMB, Suêd Haidar, in the text.

“We have a project for distance education (EAD), mainly for women. Women today, mainly, have to have the opportunity to take several courses to implement their income. Sometimes women are trapped inside their homes and don’t have this opportunity,” he said.

According to him, it is important to give women opportunities in the job market and in education.

Regarding the fight against violence against women, the candidate stated that, currently, there is a lack of specialized police stations and shelters for victims.

Cabo Tristão said that he intends to encourage and reduce the bureaucracy of mining operations for small and medium miners. He also wants to create a “niobium valley”.

“It is not concentrating on a region, it is transforming our legislation to allow industries to use our material (…) Minas Gerais is rich, Minas Gerais has a mineral capacity that Europe has”, he said.

The candidate pointed out, however, that he is against exploitation in Serra do Curral. “From the moment that the population loses with this, they were not consulted, there are several legal imbroglios, why are we going to do something at the touch of a box?”, he asked.

Cabo Tristão said he wants to implement the Colégio Tiradentes model, run by the Military Police, in state schools in the state. According to him, the idea is not to bring militarization to schools, but the way of teaching, which uses technology.

“Today, Colégio Tiradentes has a model, including distance learning. My daughters study at Colégio Tiradentes, and it works very well (…) The child does homework, exercises, online. I see how my daughters evolve and I want to transform that to education throughout the state. My dream is for the child to be able to have a tablet for the classroom”, he said.

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