Duílio plans expansion of the Arena and accommodation of the Corinthians base during his term

the president of Corinthians, Duílio Monteiro Alves, surpassed, in the second half of this year, half of his term at the head of the black-and-white club. However, the top hat still has just over a year of management and in this period will not only focus on football, but also on the structural part.

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The captain of Timão has two goals until he gives up the position, which does not have reelection: the expansion of the Neo Química Arena, and the construction of accommodation for the athletes of the basic categories.


In the case of increasing the audience capacity of the Corinthians stadium, it is a slightly more distant dream, at least at this first moment. That’s because Duílio himself admits that the board’s priority is to settle the agreement made with Caixa Econômica Federal for the payment of the Arena.

At the end of July, the Corinthians Deliberative Council approved a new agreement, where Corinthians will start paying from next year, and the annual installments began their discharge process in 2025. Before, the negotiations sewn in 2020 provided for the Timão that would already have to start the payment at the end of this year.

– We have a wonderful stadium, we got a very important agreement with Caixa and Odebrecht. The judicial reorganization has already been unanimously approved, the judge has already approved it and now we have the deadline we have to wait to see if anyone appears against it. We have to take care of this part first, because we have the stadium to pay for – said Duílio in an interview backstage at the live show that celebrated the 112th anniversary of Corinthians, last Thursday (1st).

Neo Química Arena - Corinthians vs RB Bragantino

Even with 9º cold, last Monday (29), Corinthians fans took more than 36 thousand fans to the Arena, against RB Bragantino (Photo: Rafael Marson/LANCE!)

Although cautious, Duílio recognizes the need to expand the Neo Química Arena, which currently has a capacity for around 48,000 fans, and that this season has an average audience of a little more than 37,000 in attendance. It is the highest average annual record since the stadium opened in 2014.

Furthermore, today Timão has a base of 116 thousand members, which increases competition when searching for tickets, through rating.

Even so, the Corinthians representative shows concern in carrying out this process, thinking, above all, of the financial health of the alvinegro club.

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– We work on that, but with responsibility to make the expansion, but in a way that does not harm the club, as we have done. It’s an idea, I see it as a necessity, because we have 160,000 loyal paying fans and we’ll have more space difficulties the better the team is. It is something that is in the plans, but calmly, responsibly, not to take a step bigger than the leg and not suffer, again, what we are already going through – highlighted Duílio.

One possibility raised, especially after the leak of a meeting of the Corinthians board, coach Vítor Pereira, and members of Gaviões da Fiel, the main Corinthians uniformed crowd, was to remove chairs from some sectors or even reduce the size of the seats. , from 45cm to 40cm. This, however, was discarded by Duílio.


After postponing the delivery of the Training Center for the basic categories, scheduled for 2020, but extended due to the new coronavirus pandemic, Corinthians ended the process of building the place, which is installed next to CT Joaquim Grava, which houses the professional team.

However, the complex still does not have an accommodation to house part of these players.

Timão has the ‘Casa do Atleta’, in the neighborhood of Tatuapé, but the space holds only 40 people. The idea is that, in the CT, Timão will be able to receive around 160 young people.

Duílio was cautious about delivering the project until the end of his term, but he made it clear that this will be one of his priorities,

The top hat also highlighted the importance of the base, and admitted that Corinthians loses athletes in their training categories due to lack of accommodation to provide.

– Yes, there is (the possibility of handing over the accommodation). It’s bad to say it here, then it doesn’t deliver, but it’s the number one priority to finish the base accommodation. We are seeing the quality of the base players. A lot is said that the base is not good, but we see great players there, all over the world, who left the base of Corinthians and are very successful, in the Brazilian National Team, in big leagues and also in our team. It is the clear example that the base works – said the Corinthians president.

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– Our base is very good, and with accommodation we will be able to improve a lot. Today Corinthians loses many athletes to clubs that are able to accommodate. It is a very big responsibility, to house a player we have to have a perfect structure so as not to take any risks and provide conditions for athletes to have a peaceful life, education and sports as well. We run every day to find solutions to build, and this is a priority – he concluded.

Still talking about the base, Duílio recalled that two of the sales that the institution made in the season, representing a third of the fulfillment of the asset negotiation goal that the club had this year, are the result of the base categories: defender João Victor, sold to Benfica, from Portugal, and attacking midfielder Gabriel Pereira, the GP, traded with New York City, from the United States.

Together, the sales of these two athletes mean something around R$ 75 million to the Corinthians coffers.

In addition to those negotiated, the Corinthians president recalled attacks from other teams by other assets from the base, such as left-back Lucas Piton, and midfielder Du Queiroz.

– This year we had sales from Gabriel Pereira, João Victor, proposals for Du Queiroz, Lucas Piton is always in demand and others too – pointed out Monteiro Alves.

In addition to the aforementioned duo, defender Robert Renan is also the target of clubs in Europe, especially in England. Striker Adson is another one that has been monitored by some teams from abroad.

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