Duolingo is releasing its math app “Duolingo Math”

With the advent of technology, Duolingo has become an ally of learning, being an excellent tool. O Duolingo Math is an application with the aim of improving math learning in a fun, free and easily accessible way. In today’s article, we are going to talk a little more about this site and how it works.

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A little more about the app

Duolingo Math came up with the aim of making it easier for children to learn, teaching math in a more fun way. The application has the famous offensives – daily exercises that, when completed by the students, release bonuses such as the duo owl and other mascots -, helping to motivate the student.

This application intends to teach basic and also advanced concepts of the discipline, using its own methodology that consists of individualized units that will have quick and practical lessons and fixation exercises.

The application is still very recent, as it was launched last Friday (26). That’s why, for now, only the basic levels are available for children, but Duolingo intends to release more advanced lessons as soon as possible to meet the rest of the public.

In addition, so far the contents are in English. The company plans to release the full version of the app at least by the end of the year, with all languages ​​and lessons planned. In this initial phase, you can take the opportunity to practice, in addition to math, English too!

A curiosity about Duolingo Math is that, for the creation and/or programming of the application, advanced mathematical knowledge was used to be able to correctly transpose it to the software. The engineers responsible had to create different codes to cover all mathematical subjects.

For those interested, the app is now available on the App Store for free. However, for Android users, there is still no forecast of the release of the application on the Play Store.

Mathematics is a subject that demands more from the student, as it is more difficult and very important for life. This learning process can often trigger stress and/or anxiety in the student. Therefore, nothing better than making this process happen in a lighter way, and that is the main intention of the application.

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