Emily Ratajkowski leaves home she shared with Sebastian Bear-McClard, ex only communicates via nanny

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We confirmed in July that the couple, who tied the knot in 2018, broke up amid months of speculation about their status. While they have yet to publicly comment on the split, the model has fueled speculation that he cheated by “liking” a series of tweets about him allegedly being unfaithful.

“[There was a] cheating incident,” a second source told us, claiming he had been in contact with “a number of women” through social media over the past two years. “Emily had seen some of her DMs and it became a pattern.”

The source added: “Sebastian is trying to get a second chance with Emily, but she doesn’t want to get back together.”

According to a third source, however, Bear-McClard “didn’t seem to be bothered by the drama in his life” during a tour of East Hampton, New York, last month.

“He was with a group of four guys. Everyone looked happy and was laughing and grabbing a bunch of supplies like they were having a party at the end of the day,” an eyewitness revealed at the time.

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While she was silent about the divorce, Ratajkowski was previously candid about her marriage in her November 2021 memoir My Body.

“I am newly married to my husband when he casually comments, ‘There are so many beautiful women in the world.’ I freeze when he says that. I know it’s a perfectly acceptable and true thing to say, and yet I feel a familiar twist in my stomach,” she wrote. “He can feel the change; he can feel the instant tension in my body. “I don’t know,” I reply. I press my face into his chest, embarrassed by my reaction. “I don’t know why it hurts to hear you say that. I can tell he wants to comfort me, but he’s confused. I want him to comfort me too, but I don’t know why I need it. Why do I suddenly feel like he doesn’t love me enough?”

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