Exclusive video: understand the works to come around the Arena MRV, do Galo

photo: Reproduction/Arena MRV

Exclusive video: understand the works to come around the Arena MRV, do Galo

Next week, construction work should begin around the MRV Arena, the future Atltico stadium in the Califrnia neighborhood of Belo Horizonte. Paving procedures, road geometry, drainage systems and public lighting will be carried out. Watch an exclusive video below.

The interventions will take place mainly on Cristina Maria de Assis, Walfrido Mendes, Oswaldo Cardoso, Margarida de Assis Fonseca streets and also on the Via Expressa waterfront. The sidewalks next to the MRV Arena will be expanded and will be four meters wide.

Rua Oswaldo Cardoso will be completely remodeled. The road, which currently only accommodates one car at a time, will become an access point for pedestrians and vehicles. A sidewalk will be built on site.

Works are also planned in the Camargos neighborhood. Rua Gentil Portugal do Brasil will undergo pavement restoration, geometric adaptation and a new bus stop on the Via Expressa. The Camargos neighborhood viaduct will have a 15-meter wide walkway for pedestrians.

The freeway of the Expressway will be remodeled to facilitate the flow of vehicles. It will bring easier access to the parking lots and gain a five-meter wide sidewalk.

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