Fábio Santos reveals how Corinthians’ locker room reacted to Vítor Pereira’s controversial statement and what he said to ‘annoyed’

This week’s Bola da Vez, Fábio Santos revealed backstage after controversies involving the Portuguese coach

Player in his second spell and with more than 300 games for CorinthiansFábio Santos is the ball of the time this week in ESPN. In the program, which airs this Saturday (3), at 7 pm (GMT), broadcast on ESPN on Star+the side commented on the recent controversial speeches by coach Vítor Pereira and also revealed how the Corinthians locker room reacted to the statements.

“In this specific game, which had this friction of the VP’s declaration at the press conference, he had already spoken to us in the post-game locker room. He said that he was in debt, that he did not join the team the way he should have. people know that’s how he is, that’s his way of talking. If you can give the press less fuel, it’s better, but everything is already resolved”, he said.

There were some episodes that the Portuguese got involved. The first speech included the Liverpoolfrom England, and was said at a press conference after a 1-1 draw against Sao Paulo on the 22nd of May by the Brazilian championship.

At the time, Vítor Pereira said: “I also wanted to coach Liverpool, but I can’t. If you ask me, I would run away to train Liverpool. With all due respect to Corinthians, but Liverpool is Liverpool”, when trying to make a analogy with Róger Guedes’ dissatisfaction at the club.

“Commitment, dedication, spirit of sacrifice, fighting every day, being the best, clearly telling me that you want to play, that you want to help. I’ve had one, two, three conversations. He (Róger Guedes) is almost a son, he’s good person, good boy, but you have one, two, three conversations and you don’t see any change, then he only believes in actions. With my children it’s the same. They say they study, they don’t study, if I don’t see results, it either shows or not show,” he said.

“Today I’m convinced in the case of Róger. I get the feeling that I’m evil for demanding the best for the club, to put everyone on the same level, to fight, be competitive, I’m evil. I can’t accept that. I didn’t need to show it, but the time comes when I need to show it. Every time I’m asked, as if I’m bad and he’s okay”, added VP.

Another episode happened after the defeat to the palm trees at Neo Química Arena, last August 13th. Again in a press conference, the Corinthians coach was asked if he feared losing his job after the setback. And he replied. “You must be kidding me, man. You must be kidding me with that question. I, at this stage in my life, in my career, be afraid of losing my job? Do you know how much money I have in the bank, buddy? stabilized life, I don’t need it… I’m here at Corinthians, if it’s not at Corinthians, it’s at any other club. And whenever I want.

The statements angered the faithful crowd. One of the main organizers of the club, Gaviões da Fiel, even sent representatives to meet with the coach, who apologized and explained the statements.

At Bola da Vez, Fábio Santos revealed how he talked to his locker room mates after the events. “Of course, one will be pissed off, another will be too, but that can be resolved. I’m very practical: if it bothers me, I go and talk directly to the person,” he said.

“And I said that to the boys, if they’re uncomfortable, stop ‘zum zum zum’ in the locker room and go straight to the guy. The more that bad thing feeds, the more the environment gets heavy. At some point, this happened to Róger Guedes He went there, talked to Vítor and they understood each other”, he added.


In the 2-0 defeat of Corinthians against Atlético-GOfor the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Brazil’s Cup, the Portuguese coach did not criticize the team. “I saw a team fighting in all the duels, playing with the knife in the mouth, dividing all the moves, and I saw mine… Then, the victory in Mineiro (Atlético-MG) made us sick. We played with a full belly. We fought for every ball, we were always late, they were always faster and stronger on the ball”

Corinthians is in 4th place in the Brasileirão and the club’s next commitment is against International, this Sunday (4), at 4 pm (Brasilia time). The duel, valid for the Brazilian Championship, takes place at Neo Química Arena.

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