Galaxy S21 camera will be updated with S22 improvements, but there is a however

One of Samsung’s customs is that with each release of a new Galaxy device, it brings some new features unique to the new model to older phones, including improving software features or integrating social media apps. Fortunately, this is about to happen with the camera of the Galaxy S21 models, but there is one small detail — that is, the lack of a detail.

That’s because the “Detail Enhancer” feature — the technology to improve the details in the S22 Ultra’s 3:4 photos using the full power of 108 MP — should be left out of this upgrade. That’s because, according to an official Samsung community moderator, the S21’s Neural Processing Unit is not fast enough to match the Galaxy S22’s camera performance when using this technology that relies on artificial intelligence.

The moderator says that Samsung will try to implement the feature in the future, but doubts that the S21 will be able to have this additional. In fact, it’s a minimal feature that the S21 Ultra’s photographic set will not be lacking — although at the time of launch the device was not considered one of the best in this field by the review site DxOMark.

On the other hand, the same moderator confirmed that the integration of the camera feature with Snapchat is underway for the Galaxy S21 series. While an official release date for the update is not set, the app on your S21 will soon allow you to capture high-resolution images without having to switch to the default camera app.

As a result, you get the best of both worlds — Snapchat’s filters (if you still use the network) and the convenience of sharing media directly with your friends, combined with Samsung features like night mode, Space Zoom, and portrait video.

(Updated on September 2, 2022 at 2:14 pm)

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