Is it true that Pogba cast a spell to harm Mbappé?

With less than three months to go before the kick off of the 2022 World Cup, France is not only concerned with preparing its team to try for the second consecutive title in the competition. The “Bleus” also discuss a possible fade between two of their main players, with the right even to the use of sorcery.

According to one of Paul Pogba’s brothers, the highlight of the team that won the cup in 2018 and who moved to Juventus this transfer window, the midfielder commissioned work from a wizard to harm Paris striker Kylian Mbappé. Saint-Germain, another remnant of the conquest of four years ago.

According to the French newspaper “L’Équipe”, there is even the expectation that Mathias Pogba, also a professional football player and now disaffected by the youngest of the family, will present a video in the coming days that would confirm the complaint.

The most famous Pogba confirmed that he resorted to witchcraft, but only to protect himself from physical harm. He also stressed that he did not have any relationship problems with Mbappé that would justify wishing harm to his teammate.

If that was really the midfielder’s intention, the work doesn’t seem to have gone very well. After all, the Juventus number 10 has not yet been on the field this season due to a meniscus injury and is running out of time to recover in time to compete in the Qatar World Cup.

In fact, the denunciation of the sorcerer’s hiring is just the most mediatic chapter of the war waged by the Pogba brothers.

Inseparable companions until the beginning of the year (the pair still have one more brother, Florentin, who plays in India), they broke off relations after Paul accused Mathias of being part of a scheme that tried to extort him.

According to information from different French media outlets, the Juventus star reported to the police that he was approached by a group of acquaintances (some of them, his childhood friends) armed with rifles who demanded the payment of 13 million euros (R$ 67, 6 million).

In the words of the midfielder, this amount would be a kind of indemnity for he allegedly “never helped his family” and “nor collaborated with the people who gave him protection since he became a professional football player”.

In a video published last Tuesday, Mathias said that there was never any scheme to take money from his brother and that Paul decided to give money to his old friends because he wanted to, that is, that everything was an act of consent.

“What I expected has happened, my little brother is starting to show his true colors. Paul, you really wanted to silence me, even if it meant lying and sending me to prison,” the accused said.

The current world champion begins the defense of the title won in Russia-2018 on November 22, against Australia, at the Al Janoub stadium, in Al Wakrah. Denmark and Tunisia will be their other opponents in Group D.

The Qatar Cup will be played outside of its usual period because of the heat that is in the Middle East in the middle of the year. Therefore, it will start on November 21 and has the final scheduled for December 18.

This will be the last edition of the FIFA tournament with the format that has been used since France-1998. From the following World Cup, organized by the United States, Canada and Mexico, there will be 48 participants in the dispute for the title.

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