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Brazil is the second country in Latin America that suffers the most from attempted cyber attacks, behind Mexico. According to Fortinet data, the country suffered from 31.5 billion cyber-invasion attempts from January to July 2022.

Cybercriminals have increasingly adopted strategies for attacks, but the Trojan Horse, one of the most known malware worldwide, continues to be used by many malefactors to access data from victims’ devices.


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For a long time, the Trojan Horse was a malware spread exclusively by computers, with the popularization of smartphones and applications that are used daily by users, criminals saw a new opportunity to make victims with data theft.

Trojan intrusions usually start after clicking on unsafe links and malicious applications, so the malware grants the attacker access to the device and becomes able to delete, modify and copy data. In addition to monitoring user actions on their device and impairing the performance of devices or networks.

The maleare Trojan Horse is capable of hacking into smartphones and monitoring device actions. (Image: Suttipun/Shutterstock)

To avoid the Trojan horse infection on smartphones, Angelo Sebastião Zanini, Coordinator of the Computer Engineering course at Instituto Mauá de Tecnologia (IMT), warns that malware is usually deployed after clicking on a link or application of dubious origin. and can monitor all operations done on the smartphone. “Everything that is installed on the same smartphone is compromised”, says Zanini.

Zanini points out that the Trojan Horse can access cell phone information regardless of the number of chips in the device. “The best, therefore, would be to have two smartphones: one to install all financially sensitive applications (banks, wallets of credit cards etc) and another for communication and leisure applications. The most vulnerable would be at home, while the other would be for general use with less concern,” recommends Zanini.

The teacher gives some more tips to protect yourself against the Trojan Horse:

  • Have two-factor authentication – Accessing bank accounts with more than one password greatly increases security for access.
  • Disable notifications – The tip is not to receive “I forgot my password” notifications on the same smartphone, so that criminals cannot access SMS codes or emails to reset passwords or accounts on social networks.
  • Schedule device backups – Backups help keep data in the cloud, prevent the loss of important memories and make retrieving information easier in case of theft. It is important to analyze how much data you use and maintain a periodic backup routine in applications such as iCloud, Google Drive, Google Photos and WhatsApp.

Image: Alexander Limbach/Shutterstock

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