Man arrested for ‘having sex’ with holy statue in Thailand

A man has been arrested in Thailand after he was caught “having sex” with a statue considered sacred in the country. According to Thai newspaper Thaiger, Preechar Chumpla, 30, was naked on the Thao Suranaree or Ya Mo Monument in Non Somboon.

The monument in question honors Thao Suranari, royalty who died in 1852 and is considered one of the country’s main heroines.

According to the publication, the story began when Chumpla’s own parents decided to call the police after an assault. They reported that her son was drugged, assaulted the couple and then left the house last Friday (26).

The man was found by agents naked on the family’s roof. However, he refused to go down.

Despite the police presence, fail managed to flee the scene and ran to the sacred monument, where he was recorded having sex with the statue.

statue - Craig Ferguson/LightRocket via Getty Images - Craig Ferguson/LightRocket via Getty Images

Thai heroine statue is revered by locals

Image: Craig Ferguson/LightRocket via Getty Images

The police were only able to locate him later, around 3:20 pm (local time), when residents were already disgusted by the scene. Chumpla was said to have been at the monument for more than two hours and, when the police arrived, people were beating him with sticks to get him to come down.

He was taken to the police station and proved to be using amphetamines. Now, he awaits trial and, if convicted, could face up to 10 years in prison.

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