Man arrested for having ‘sex’ with Thai heroine statue

A man was nearly beaten to death before being arrested for trying to have “sex” with one of Thailand’s most revered and sacred monuments.

Preechar Chumpla, 30, was arrested by police for stripping and practicing “lascivious sexual acts” at Thao Suranaree or Ya Mo Monument in Non Somboon.

The monument honors Thao Suranari, who died in 1852. She saved countless lives when the King of Vietnam invaded the region in 1826 and is considered one of Thailand’s most beloved heroines.

Police officers at Seng Sang Police Station were called by Preechar’s parents on Friday afternoon (8/26), the Daily Star reported.

According to police, Preechar’s parents said their son was under the influence of drugs. He left home after assault the parents. The Thai was then found by police on the roof of the family’s home, nakedbut refused to descend.

Preechar is attacked after having ‘sex’ with a sacred statue Photo: Reproduction / Facebook

But Preechar managed to escape and went to the monument, where he was seen by visitors having “sex” with the statue of the heroine. Several people recorded the bizarre scene with their cell phones. The “sexual session” lasted two hours.Others present, however, got fed up with the scene and left for the aggression, which only stopped with the arrival of the police.

After Preechar’s arrest, his parents prayed “asking the heroine for forgiveness”.

fill can take ten years in jail.

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