Marvel actress accused of racism after birthday controversy

It’s not a surprise that many movie and TV stars are not immune to all kinds of criticism from the internet audience. And the controversy of the moment is with a future star of the Marvel, the actress Sydney Sweeney, confirmed in the film of the Madame Web!


Sweeney, as you may well know, shone as one of the leading actresses in the Euphoria series. Despite being the darling of fans, the actress could not escape accusations of extremism and even racism. The reason is quite unusual: her mother’s birthday party.

Sweeney’s mother recently turned 60, and the celebration was country-themed with the phrase “Make Sixty Great Again”, a reference to Donald Trump’s campaign slogan.

In addition to the reference to Trump, which made many people accuse the family of being sympathizers with the US Republican party and the extremism characteristic of recent years, we also have a party guest wearing the “Blue Lives Matter” shirt.

Photos from the party with Sydney Sweeney sparked criticism online

Which is the ‘counterpart’ of the Black Lives Matter movement, only made by US Christians. It seems very little reason to try to cancel the actress, but that’s what happened partially on Twitter in recent days.

She even defended herself on Twitter, saying the party was an innocent celebration and far from any political declaration. But just when it looked like the story was going to stop at that, here’s a new gossip.

That’s because a DJ named Bella Ferrada took to Instagram to accuse Sweeney of being prejudiced with a Mexican man at an award show.

Will we have more controversy on top of controversy? keep an eye on Marvel’s legacy for more information.

Listen to the Legacy Podcast:


Madame Web is one of Sony Pictures’ most unusual projects for its SSU. Which is the cinematic universe of characters from the Spider-Man universe, which already has VenomMorbius and Kraven: The Hunter.

Although we do not have any details about the plot, it is OFFICIAL: the actress Dakota Johnson (50 shades of gray) will be Madame Web!

The actress Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) is also confirmed in the cast, while SJ Clarkson (Jessica Jones, The Defenders, Succession) takes over directing. Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless, the writers of Morbius, are also confirmed! The film hits theaters on October 6, 2023.

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