New battery promises savings for its users; understand.

A battery that promises to innovate and also to be cheaper, safer and, most importantly, will charge faster than any other available, is being developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), in the United States.

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The difference is in the materials. The MIT battery will consist of aluminum and sulfur electrodes, which are cheaper and, in a way, abundant in nature. The ends end up carrying current to the circuit through a molten salt electrolyte. This result can be found in an article that was published in the journal Nature, about a week ago.

The combination of these materials is an alternative to lithium-ion, which has been the most used material in batteries today. In addition to this material being expensive and difficult to obtain, it is a bulky element and ends up losing its effectiveness quickly, not to mention that it also tends to catch fire easily and pollutes the environment.

“We wanted to invent something that was in some ways much better than the lithium-ion batteries that are available today, for small-scale storage like automotive vehicle uses.”said the professor at the Donald Sadoway Institute, who is leading the research.

The safety factor is very important, and because of the new materials, the risk of fire in these batteries is much lower than in the old ones. This is because no material used catches fire at less than 130ºC, unlike lithium ion.

Now talking about charging, in the tests that have been carried out so far, the battery has been able to fully charge in about less than a minute. However, the charge rate depends on the temperature of the battery. For example, to reach this 1 minute charge speed, the battery needs to be at 110ºC, while if it is at 25ºC, the charge speed will be 25 times slower.

It is also worth noting that the battery does not need any external heat source to maintain its temperature while operating. Heat is produced naturally, during loading or unloading. “As the battery charges, it generates heat and this prevents the salts it contains from freezing”said Donald.

Another advantage that we can report is about the economy. The price of each of the cells is related to one sixth of the lithium-ion cells for example. As soon as the battery is ready, it will be able to power a home or a small and medium-sized business.

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