Olivia Wilde Reveals That Starring ‘S**t Movies’ Taught Her to be a Director Rolling Stone

Before directing Don’t Worry Honey (2022), Olivia Wilde starred in several films throughout her career.

Film director like Outstanding (2019) and Do not worry, dearthe latter one of the main releases of the Warner Bros. in 2022, Olivia Wilde revealed that starring in “s*** movies” taught her how to be a filmmaker.

as an actress, wilde participated in films like Tron: The Legacy (2010), The Incredible Wizard Burt Wonderstone (2013), reborn from hell (2015) and Cowboys & Aliens (2011). During conversation with Maggie Gyllenhaalalso an actress and director, recalled her career and her decisions (via NME).

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“I’ve made 5,000 times more shitty movies than you. I’ve been in some really bad ones, and now I’m like, ‘I did this to learn all the cautionary stories that would help me define myself as a director: how I’m never going to talk to a crew. , like I’m never going to tell the actors, like I’m never going to schedule a movie.’ All this comes from these bad experiences,” said the artist.

Olivia Wilde Surprised With Child Custody Documents During CinemaCon Presentation

actress and director Olivia Wilde was surprised during the presentation of the film Do not worry, dear (2022) on CinemaCon 2022 upon receiving the custody papers of the children with Jason Sudeikis last Tuesday, April 26, in Las Vegas, USA. (via G1)

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according to website USA Today, wilde presented the trailer for the new feature starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh when an unknown guest came on stage and handed her an envelope. Director believed it was a script and opened the document. Then she skimmed the paper and went back to talking to the audience about the film.

The website stated that the papers are related to the custody agreement for the children. Otis8 years old, and Daisyof 5. wilde and sudeikis were engaged for seven years, but did not officiate a marriage. In recent months, the actress has been seen holding hands several times with styles.

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A source close to sudeikis told the The Hollywood Reporter that the actor didn’t know when or how the documents would be delivered to his ex-fiancée and that it wouldn’t be convenient with the way it all happened. While Mitch Neuhauserresponsible for CinemaConsaid that nothing similar has happened at the event and that he will review the site’s security scheme.

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