Palmeiras announces internal audit and measures to curb foreign exchange

After numerous complaints and a series of posts with cancellations of memberships in the Avanti fan-partner program, Palmeiras issued a statement announcing the hiring of an audit.

The purpose of the measure is to try to find out where the bottleneck is that has allowed the action of scalpers. Whether it’s a system glitch or some direct human action.

In the same statement, Palmeiras states that it is studying implementing technological solutions, such as biometrics and facial recognition, which would make parallel ticket sales even more complicated.

See the full statement below:

“Given the reports regarding the performance of scalpers in our games as home team, Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras comes to the public to inform that the president Leila Pereira hired an external audit, which is already working, in order to verify if there is any type of failure in the ticket sales system for matches held at Allianz Parque.

Also with the aim of combating this illegal practice, the club is studying technological solutions, such as biometrics, facial recognition and modernization of the electronic ticket, among others.

In addition, Palmeiras has been adopting different measures, such as the exclusion from the Avanti program of people caught selling tickets and the intensification of the processes of identification of fans at the turnstiles of the Palestinian arena. The club still maintains constant contact with the police authorities in order to contribute to the investigations.

The current management emphasizes that, in order to lawfully purchase tickets for our home games and to have the guarantee that they are not fake, the purchase must always be made through the website or at the Allianz Parque box office. Anyone who buys tickets with scalpers is encouraging this crime and runs the risk of being harmed.

President Leila Pereira will spare no efforts to address this problem, which affects not only Palmeiras, but all the main teams in Brazil, in addition to several companies involved in the organization of major cultural and sporting events.”

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