Party goes from Cássio look-alike to boos to ex-president

Corinthians celebrated its 112th birthday tonight (1st) with an event for guests at the Neo Química Arena, including concerts and the presence of players who were on the field ten years ago, in 2012, which was the theme of the party. Former president Roberto de Andrade was booed, while Cássio was cheered by the fans present – ​​including his double.

The party started shortly after 19:10 (Brasília time), a reference to the club’s founding year. President Duílio Monteiro Alves was the first to speak, then called on former club presidents and close figures in domestic politics, such as the president of the Deliberative Council, Alexandre Husni, and the vice president of CORI, Antônio Rachid. With all of them on stage, a pagoda group went up to sing happy birthday.

After the first show, it was the turn of figures from the 2012 achievements to take the stage. Alessandro, Alex, Cássio, Danilo and Fábio Santos told stories about the Libertadores and World Cup titles. Roberto de Andrade was also asked about his achievements, but he started to be booed right away in the “good night”. Interrupted, he contradicted himself. “If you don’t want to, I won’t,” he said.

Cássio lookalike stands out

Cássio's look-alike at Neo Química Arena during Corinthians' 112th birthday party - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Cássio’s look-alike enjoys Corinthians’ 112th birthday party

Image: Personal Archive

After some embarrassment, the mood quickly improved when Cassio took the microphone. The goalkeeper was cheered by the fans present, including his double, who was invited by the club to the party. The double was called to approach the stage, and up there, Fábio Santos, next to the “original” Cássio, couldn’t stop laughing.

The two players had another funny moment shortly after, because neither they nor the other 2012 champions could remember exactly how they celebrated the Libertadores title. “As far as I remember, I was with my family”, joked Fábio Santos. On his side, now it was Cassio who was dying of laughter.

In an interview after the participation, Cássio explained the laughter. “We were so exhausted psychologically, we don’t even remember properly. We laughed because no one remembered. Everyone was so happy that they didn’t even remember right.” Just happy, Cassio? “Just happy, just happy”, laughed the goalkeeper.

Corinthians president’s favorite trapper

MC Ryan SP was one of the attractions and warmed up the atmosphere. MC Hariel raised the audience and even teased Duílio, half jokingly, that “next year, it’s to be the whole Arena and us on the lawn”. The surprise was the participation of Veigh, the author of the song “London Freestyle”, which was recently requested by Yuri Alberto after three goals scored by Corinthians – at the time there were those who believed to have been an indirect from President Duílio Monteiro Alves to Willian, who had just asked to terminate the contract.

Another rapper present was Ice Blue, also from Corinthians and star of Racionais MC’s, but he didn’t sing. He took to the stage to announce that he is heading up a new Corinthians project, a podcast called Tobogã. Finally, around midnight, countryman Felipe Araújo entered to close the party.

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