‘Rooster doesn’t have the R$ 100 million from Flamengo’ says president of the Minas Gerais club about reinforcements

the board of Atlético-MG has been very clear when asked about the arrival of new players to the club. With more than R$1 billion in debt, the club is unlikely to make large investments in football at this time. The situation became even clearer with the statements made by President Sério Coelho to Rádio Itatiaia. The manager made a comparison with Flamengo to explain the case of Galo.

– Atlético does not have R$100 million to do as Flamengo did recently, to bring in players. This is our reality, folks. There is not. And we don’t want to deceive the fans by saying that we are going to assemble, for next year, a team full of stars. What we are trying to do and we are succeeding is to strengthen the team without having to invest in federative rights – explained the president.

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Sérgio Coelho demonstrates the same attitude passed by the executive director Rodrigo Caetano: only punctual hiring and replacements of possible loss of parts.

– It’s a very good job of hiring players the way we are hiring. We brought in strong players. Jemerson, Pedrinho, Allan Kardec, Pavón, Ademir and Otávio arrived. So our condition, today, within our reality, is to bring players with this profile, which is not easy to find – completed Sérgio Coelho.

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