Samsung Brazil sells premium cell phone with charger in the box again | Cell

Before that, customers who needed a charger had to contact the company to request free shipping. The request was made through the online page “Samsung Pra Você”.

With the decision now, valid for the Brazilian market, the company is completely away from the controversy about whether or not to include the charger in the smartphone box. Apple started the trend with the iPhone 12, still in 2020. Since then it has been criticized for the measure, which was announced with a view to efforts in favor of the environment.

Samsung followed in the apple company’s footsteps for a while. Cell phones like the Galaxy S21 did not have a charger in the box. Specifically in Brazil, however, it is important to note that the company started to offer free shipping of the component – ​​as long as consumers followed certain requirements.

For now, Apple maintains its decision to take the charger out of the box, including the current generation, consisting of the iPhone 13. The company is under strong pressure from various government agencies, such as the National Consumer Secretariat, which is linked to the Ministry of Justice , and state consumer protection agencies. In August, she was fined R$12 million for the practice, considered “abusive” by Procon Carioca.

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