São Paulo performances: Igor Gomes is expelled, Reinaldo is bad and Jandrei fails | Sao Paulo

Igor Gomes: the midfielder already made mistakes in everything he tried in the first half and was one of the worst on the field. But in the 39th minute he managed to make his situation worse. Igor Gomes made a cart in midfield and received the second yellow card in the match. The expulsion harmed São Paulo, which was in its best moment in the confrontation and had to play the entire final stage with one less. Grade: 2.0

Jandrei: once again, he couldn’t make the difference and, on top of that, he missed the second goal of Atlético-GO. After a cross from the right, Jandrei left the goal to intercept and passed the ball. The goal, then, was free for Shaylon (ex-São Paulo), to score. Grade: 3.0

Reinaldo: the left-back had a good ten minutes of play, but then had a huge drop in performance and missed numerous passes in the attack. In defense, he failed to score Atlético-GO’s first goal. He was substituted in the first half, shortly after Igor Gomes was sent off: Note: 3.5

Lucian: the forward scored the goal that keeps São Paulo’s hopes alive in the return game. Still in the first half, Luciano received a cross from Rodrigo Nestor and gave a little fish to score. Note: 6.5

São Paulo players before the game against Atlético-GO — Photo: Eduardo Rodrigues

See the notes of all players:

  • Jandrei [GOL]: 3.0
  • ferraresi [ZAG]: 5.5
    (Patrick [MEC]): 4.5
  • Diego Costa [ZAG]: 4.5
  • leo [ZAG]: 5.0
  • Igor Vinicius [ALD]: 4.5
  • Reinaldo [LAE]: 3.5
    (Wellington [LAE]): 5.0
  • Pablo Maia [VOL]: 5.0
  • Igor Gomes [MEI]: 2.0
  • Rodrigo Nestor [MEI]: 6.0
  • Patrick [MEI]: 5.0
  • Lucian [ATA]: 6.5
    (Marcos Guilherme [ATA]): 5.0
  • Calleri [ATA]: 5.0

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Banner São Paulo — Photo: ge.globo

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