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O Disney+ announced all the titles that will be available in its catalog in September. One of the highlights is the live action “Pinocchio”directed by Robert Zemeckis, which will hit streaming on the 8th.

In the production, Tom Hanks will play Geppetto, the carpenter who dreams of becoming a father and builds a wooden boy. The main cast also includes Cyntia Erivo and Luke Evans.

The plot adapts the story that many people already know: Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who turns into a real boy because of family love. But the character lies a lot, which puts him on several unexpected adventures.

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Another work will be the series “Terra Incognita”. Eric Dalaras (Pedro Maurizi) is a teenager who discovers a terrifying universe while looking for his parents, who disappeared eight years ago.

He decides to run away from home to return to the city of his birth, Cape Qwert, in order to find answers to the mystery surrounding his family.

There will also be the documentary series “Growing”, created by Brie Larson. The production follows young people between 18 and 22 years old who will show their daily lives in order to reflect on the current youth.

Among social, family and internal obstacles, the portrayed people live a moment of self-discovery and acceptance of their choices and feelings. Each episode features an interview with the protagonists.

Disney+ also adds “cars on the road”. The animated series focuses on Lightning McQueen and his friend Mater who travel to find Mater’s sister. Along the way, they experience great adventures.

Disney+ in september

– It’s Always Been Me: Behind the Scenes
– The Queen Family Singalong

– Gigantosaurus (season 2)
– Like Sydney, Like Max (season 3)

– Thor: Love and Thunder
– Pinocchio
– Terra Incognita
– Cars on the road
– Growing
– Marvel Studios Forward: Behind the Scenes of ‘Thor, Love and Thunder’

– Time to shine
– Explorer: Underground Mazes

– Mickey Mouse Funhouse (season 1)
– The Most Fun Videos: Animal Special (season 1)

– My daughters

– Andor (episodes 1, 2 and 3)
– Super/Natural
– Malcolm in the Middle (season 1)

– Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

– The Choir: Success Here I Go
– Turning the Game of Champions (season 2)
– The Wonders of the United States

– Abracadabra 2

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