Times and weather forecast for the sixth of the Dutch GP

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This weekend, the formula 1 performs the Dutch GP, 15th of 22 stages of the 2022 season in the top category of world motorsport. And the event can be marked by rain in Zandvoortas indicated by the weather forecast.

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However, free practice Friday should be dry in the Netherlands, where the home rider Max Verstappenfrom Red Bull, tries one more victory in this championship, to the delight of the local fans.

The current F1 champion and the leader in the driver’s table, the Dutchman enters the track for the first time at 7:30 am, returning to the track at 11 am for the second practice session. According to the weather forecasts published by the website weather, Friday should have temperatures around 26°C, with no chance of rain. However, according to the same portal, the scenario should change to Saturday of qualifying and Sunday of race.

For the third free practice and qualifying on Saturday, there is a 73% chance of light rain on the track. On Sunday, there is a 36% chance of rain in Zandvoort in the afternoon, where the race takes place.

formula 1

Day Time (Brasilia) Streaming
Free Training 1 Friday 7:30 am bandsports
Free Training 2 Friday 11 am bandsports
Free Training 3 Saturday 7 am bandsports
Classification Saturday 10 am Band and Bandsports
Running Sunday 10 am band
formula 2 Day Time (Brasilia) Streaming
Classification Friday 10 am bandsports
race 1 Saturday 12 pm bandsports
race 2 Sunday 5:20 am bandsports
formula 3 Day Time (Brasilia) Streaming
Classification Friday 9 am bandsports
race 1 Saturday 5:25 am bandsports
race 2 Sunday 3:45 am bandsports

programs in Motorsport.com YouTube

Day Time
TELEMETRY Wednesday 4 pm
FREE FRIDAY Friday After FP2
Q4 Saturday after classification
PODIUM Sunday after the race
FINAL STREET Monday 7 pm

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