UEFA fines eight teams, including Milan and PSG, for breaching Financial Fair Play

This Friday (02), UEFA released the results of an investigation by the Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) that resulted in punishments for eight clubs that have played in continental competitions in recent years: PSG, Monaco, Juventus, Inter Milan, Milan, Roma, Besiktas and Olympique de Marseille.

The eight teams were fined different amounts. Added together, the penalties amount to 172 million euros (R$ 893 million). These amounts would not be taken directly from the clubs’ cash, but would be deducted from any prizes that the teams would receive for participating in UEFA competitions.

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However, a negotiated agreement with the teams makes only 15% of these “contributions” – as UEFA refers to punishments – mandatory. The other 85% are subject to the achievement of goals included in the agreement with the teams, which can mitigate the loss.

Thus, the actual amounts that teams will have to pay are as follows (see table below):

Club Amount Mandatory value
Monaco 2 million euros (R$ 10.3 million) 300 thousand euros (R$ 1.56 million)
Olympique de Marseille 2 million euros (R$ 10.3 million) 300 thousand euros (R$ 1.56 million)
Besiktas 4 million euros (R$ 20.6 million) 600 thousand euros (BRL 3.12 million)
Milan 15 million euros (R$ 77.9 million) 2 million euros (R$ 10.3 million)
Juventus 23 million euros (R$ 119.4 million)

3.5 million euros (R$ 18.1 million)

Inter Milan 26 million euros (R$ 135 million) 4 million euros (R$ 20.8 million)
Pomegranate 35 million euros (R$ 181.8 million) 5 million euros (R$ 26 million)

65 million euros (BRL 337.6 million)

10 million euros (BRL 51.9 million)

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