USB 4 version 2.0 is announced with up to 80 Gbps bandwidth

USB4 2.0 is fully compatible with the Thunderbolt 3 standard

It was announced today by USB Promoter Group The version 2.0 for USB 4 connection standard. The new version being released offers support up to 80 Gbps bandwidth when used with USB-Type C format. The group confirmed that the USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery will also be updated to support the new bandwidth. The maximum bandwidth currently supported by USB 4 1.0 is 40 Gbps.

O USB 4 2.0 will also allow cables using the USB 3.2 standard can overcome the 20 Gbps transfer barrier. An update has been made to the protocol that will allow newer versions of the DisplayPort and PCIein addition to USB 3.2make smarter use of the new available bandwidth.

One of the main beneficiaries of the USB 4 2.0 will be users who use multiple devices connected to only one input USB Type-C. This will maximize the use of HUBs in the new standard, as it will be possible to connect keyboards, mice, speakers, storage drives, monitors and other devices with a greater bandwidth to be distributed among them.

Updating the HDMI 2.1 standard should improve how long cables work

USB 4 2.0 will be backwards compatible and Thunderbolt

As with every new version of USB, the input connection USB 4 2.0 is also backwards compatible with all previous versionsallowing, for example, the new ports to receive devices with USB 2.0 or USB 3.2.

O USB4 maintains compatibility with the standard thunderboltdeveloped in partnership with the Intel and applebecause the development of USB 4 was carried out on top of the project of the Thunderbolt 3aiming at compatibility between standards that work with bidirectional communication, therefore, they can send and receive data simultaneously.

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USB Type-C 2.1 will have a capacity of up to 240W among other improvements

USB-C connection will become standard for electronic devices in the European Union

USB-C connection will become standard for electronic devices in the European Union
A new law of the block provides for the adoption of the standard by all manufacturers by 2024


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