WhatsApp Desktop launches a feature that makes it easier to send messages to yourself

Every application or web service is developed with a goal in mind. However, once launched, users may find a different way of using the app themselves. A recent example is that of Instagram and TikTok, that are being used to research and rate restaurants. It is obvious that this is not the main function of these social networks. We call this practice “off-label mode of use”.

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app in the world, also has its off-label uses. And perhaps the most common of them is that of send messages to yourself. I confess I’ve never done it, but my wife and mother do. Whenever they want to jot down a reminder quickly, they text themselves.

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Function in tests on WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp Desktop

Well, the WhatsApp Desktop gained a feature that will make it easy to send messages to yourself. It allows you to search by your own name in the contact list. By clicking on your contact, you can send a message to yourself, as if you were talking to someone else.

Currently, to send messages to yourself, you have to use some hacks, like creating a group just with you. Also, messages are only stored locally.

With the news, Messages can be accessed on multiple devices. So if you send yourself a message via desktop, you can see it on mobile or tablet as well.

The information was revealed by the WABetaInfo website, as you can see in the screenshot below. It is being tested initially on WhatsApp Desktop, but it is very likely that the function will also be released for Android and iOS apps. The function will also be better used when WhatsApp allows access to the same account on more than one device.

How to message yourself on WhatsApp?

The idea of ​​texting yourself on WhatsApp may seem strange. But people do this much more for convenience than anything else. After all, WhatsApp is always there, people use it every day.

So, it’s easier to send links to be accessed later, send a shopping list, receipts of bills that have been paid, various reminders and even keep a personal diary. It is quite true that there are apps dedicated to notes, reminders and also diaries. This is the case with Evernote and Notion, which are very complete. But as I said, for some people WhatsApp is more convenient.

While the novelty is not officially released, you can create a group just with yourself. Another way to text yourself is create a contact with your own number and access it via WhatsApp. Or else use two accounts on the same device. This can be done with two SIM cards or with app cloning apps. Some Android smartphones already have this function natively.

Source: WABetaInfo

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