‘Where is the zombie Angelina Jolie?’, ask fans almost two years after influencer gets out of prison – News

In mid-2017, Iranian Fatemeh Khishvand — also known as Sahar Tabar — caused a stir on Instagram and Facebook. The reason is her bizarre look in the photos, which earned her the nickname “Angelina Jolie zombie”.

Fame has earned her a long journey: rumors about her life, prison and Covid-19 are just some of the documented moments. But after leaving prison in 2020, many began to wonder where the influencer is, that she disappeared from the internet.

As she lives in Iran and has never revealed many details of her own life, a series of rumors soon surfaced—some encouraged by herself. The famous would have had 50 plastic surgeries banned to get a skinny and scary face. Another gossip said she was addicted to drugs.

But Sahar’s story was simpler than it sounds: she just liked the Hollywood actress and used a series of filters and heavy photo editing to look scrawny.

It wasn’t until July 2018 that we got to know her true face, and each revelation made her more famous — Sahar had almost half a million followers on Instagram.

The young woman considered her performance on social media “as a type of art”, but this was not the understanding of a court in Iran, which sentenced her to 10 years in prison in October 2019 – for “cultural crime and moral corruption” . At the time, she was just 22 years old.

The heavy penalty and the denied bail caused many people to protest in the country, alleging unfair treatment, as prisoners under similar penalty managed to be released.

In prison, she caught Covid-19 and even gave an interview to state TV, where she said she always only sought fame. After the video was released, many people questioned that the interview was part of a campaign to humiliate the online personality.

Sahar was released from prison in December 2020 and has never been seen online again. On Instagram, fake accounts try to piggyback on her success and get thousands of followers with old photos of the influencer. The main one has more than 32,000 followers.

On twitter, some said who are still “haunted by the story” of the influencer. Another comment showed sadness at not knowing what happened to her.

I would like to know what happened to her. Her Instagram account got wiped, I don’t even think she’s alive, it’s terrifying

The exact reason for her disappearance is unknown, but Sahar herself had already said in an interview with the state TV agency Rokna, at the end of 2020, that she no longer intends to appear online. The interview was criticized by human rights activists, and classified as a “staged confession”.

Some human rights activists have speculated that the end of her virtual life could be part of a deal with Iran’s judiciary to get out of prison before the end of her sentence.

With all these clues, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll officially see Sahar Tabar again as the strange character she created.

In 2019, the influencer chocked fans with a photo on top of a stretcher, and even said: ‘I broke my neck’. REVIEW BELOW!

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