Xiaomi Band 7 x Mi Band 7 Pro: understand the differences between smartbands

THE Xiaomi recently launched new models of smart bracelets, the Band 7 and the Mi Band 7 Pro. The brand remains one of the market leaders in this category, whether among people who just want faster access to some cell phone features or those who use the devices to monitor physical activities.

And as always, the brand has brought some news and improvements to both models, such as a longer-lasting battery and a larger screen on the Mi Band 7 Probut there are also some functions that remain the same and others that are similar between both models.

An important point is that the Mi Band 7 Pro does not yet have its global version available, but it is already interesting to understand the differences between the 2 models to decide which one to invest in. That’s why we’ve prepared this comparison for you to choose which Xiaomi smartband model you want.

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Xiaomi Band 7Xiaomi Band 7Source: Xiaomi

The Band 7 follows the model of Xiaomi’s previous smartbands. The main novelty is the screen, now with a 1.62-inch AMOLED display. The idea is to give the user sharper images, as well as the option to have the display always on (always-on mode).

In search of more practicality for the user, Band 7 allows sending responses, unlike previous models, which only allowed the visualization of notifications. But because it is a smartband with a small screen, it is not possible to type texts, and the solution that Xiaomi offers is short and standardized answers directly from the equipment.

Another important addition is the amount of sports modes available to users. Those who use the smart bracelet to track exercise now have more than 110 activities. And if the chosen modality is swimming, the watch allows dives of up to 50 meters in depth, with a water resistance of 5 atm.

Along with cardiac monitoring, already present in previous versions, the device offers monitoring of oxygen saturation. There is also the analysis of VO2 max in professional exercises.

The smart bracelet also tracks your sleep quality, assesses your stress level, and you can use menstrual cycle monitoring.

The Mi Band 7 uses magnetic charging, promising a battery life of 14 days in moderate use and 9 days in heavy use. The customization of Xiaomi’s smartband continues with the exchange of bracelets and different faces for the watch.

Mi Band 7 ProMi Band 7 ProSource: Xiaomi

The Mi Band 7 Pro is Xiaomi’s first smartband in a square and large screen. The device promises an information display more similar to the cell phone display, with more spaced text and icons.

And to ensure image quality, the model has a 1.64-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 280 x 456p. The smart bracelet also has a light sensor, with the ability to automatically increase or decrease the screen brightness, and offers an always-on feature.

In addition to quick replies to messages after receiving notification, the Mi Band 7 Pro allows the user to control the phone’s camera remotely.

As for sports activities, it offers 117 modalities, including 14 professional modes and a running course, for those who want to start exercising. Another differential is the integrated independent GPS module, which promises to record the trajectory with precision and is water resistant, with the same 5 atm.

Like the Band 7, the Mi Band 7 Pro has monitoring of menstrual cycle, heart rate, oxygen saturation, sleep and stress analysis and breathing training. There is even a vitality indicator.

The device can be customized with 180 different dials and different band colors. With 235mAh battery, it can last up to 12 days in moderate use or 6 days in heavy use.

Which smartband to choose?

Mi Band 7 Pro does not yet have a global versionMi Band 7 Pro does not yet have a global versionSource: Xiaomi

The two new models are very similar, with small additions in the Pro version. For the undecided user, it is worth analyzing whether the larger screen is really important, as well as the GPS and the extra sports modes of the Mi Band 7 Pro.

Another point to think about is when you want to have the device. That’s because the Mi Band 7 is already on sale in Brazil, with the global model, and can be purchased immediately on Xiaomi’s website, on the brand’s official website in the country. The Mi Band 7 Pro, despite being available on the AliExpress website, has not yet been launched in the global version, relying only on the Chinese one.

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