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Check out the schedule of movies, series, documentaries, cartoons and anime for the month of September on Netflix:


Playing with Fire: Brazil – Season 2 (28/9)

A new group of single men and women put their emotions and desires to the test in a paradise location. Is it all worth it for the R$ 500,000 prize?

Only If It’s For Love (21/9)

Deusa and Tadeu’s band starts to be successful, but not everything is rosy. Eva just wants to be famous. The fates of these three will soon intersect.

Saint (16/9)

Two police officers (Bruno Gagliasso and Raúl Arévalo) have to work together to capture the biggest drug dealer in the world, whose face no one knows.

Cobra Kai: Season 5 (9/9)

Terry changes Cobra Kai’s system. Daniel and Johnny team up with a person from the past to face a battle that goes far beyond the mat.

Fate: The Winx Saga: Season 2 (16/9)

The students of Alfea must protect Solaria from powerful enemies that are supposed to be already in the school. Bloom cannot control her powers.

Dynasty: Season 5 (24/9)

Power games, sibling rivalry and unscrupulous sabotage: there’s no truce between the Colbys and the Carringtons this season.

Heartbreak High: Where Everything Happens (14/9)

Who gets who at Hartley High? It’s all on Amerie’s mural, who now has to deal with the consequences of exposing the lives of others.

The Devil in Ohio (2/9)

A psychiatrist shelters a young woman who has run away from a mysterious cult, unaware that she is putting her own life and family at risk.

Incredible Women of Bollywood: Season 2 (2/9)

In a season of new beginnings, the protagonists redefine their relationships, careers and personal goals, always maintaining good humor and friendship.

El Rey, Vicente Fernandez (14/9)

This drama series chronicles the life of ranchera music icon Vicente Fernández, from humble childhood to stardom.

Blind Marriage: After the Altar – Season 2 (9/16)

It’s time for a new group of singles and bachelors to look for love… without meeting each other in person. It will be possible?

Iron Chef Mexico (21/9)

New talents face off against three of Mexico’s best chefs in a competition for victory and the mythical machete.

The Thai Cave Rescue (23/9)

A youth soccer team is trapped in a cave in Thailand, leading to an international rescue operation. Inspired by a true story.

Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons: Season 6 (28/9)

Raphael Rowe, an ex-convict wrongfully convicted, continues to investigate impressive prisons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Greece and Moldova.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 8 (20/9)

In the show’s final season, Jake, Amy and the rest of the squad balance personal and professional challenges with the usual mess.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 7 (30/9)

With the Waverider destroyed, the Legends are stuck in 1925 trying to save history with the help of an eccentric scientist.


Neighbors (1/9)

After a nervous breakdown, Walter (Leandro Hassum) leaves the big city for the countryside. But noisy neighbors put an end to his dream of peace and quiet.

Blonde (28/9)

Based on the bestselling book by Joyce Carol Oates, this fictional biography of the legendary Marilyn Monroe stars Ana de Armas.

Love in Verona (1/9)

Julie fulfills her dream of traveling to Verona, where she discovers that she has to share the house she rented with a very hot stranger (Tom Hopper).

Punishers (9/16)

A popular girl and a weird new student (Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes) make a secret pact to get revenge on their enemies.

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Final Alchemy (24/9)

Follow the final mission of the Elric brothers’ epic journey: face an otherworldly threat with the potential to ruin entire countries.

End of the Road (9/9)

A murder and the disappearance of a bag of money turn Brenda’s (Queen Latifah) family trip into a nightmare.

Broad Peak (14/9)

After climbing Broad Peak Mountain, Maciej Berbeka finds he hasn’t reached the summit. Twenty-five years later, he decides to go back there.

ATHENNA (23/9)

The tragic death of a young boy sparks a violent clash at the Athena Housing Complex. At the center of the chaos are the victim’s older brothers.

The Jazz Man (23/9)

From Tyler Perry, this film depicts forbidden love, family drama and 40 years of secrets and lies. All to the sound of a lot of blues.

Lou (23/9)

A retired woman trying to lead a quiet life must face the ghosts of the past after her neighbor’s daughter is kidnapped. With Jurnee Smollett and Allison Janney.

Rainbow (30/9)

Follow a teenager’s coming-of-age journey in this story loosely inspired by the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

Marighella (7/9)

In this documentary, director Isa Grinspum Ferraz portrays the life of her uncle, activist Carlos Marighella, during the 1960s, during the military dictatorship in Brazil.

Times of Peace (12/9)

A Polish immigrant arrives in post-war Brazil and needs to prove that he is not a Nazi fugitive in order to enter the country. Starring Dan Stulbach, Tony Ramos and Daniel Filho.

Alice in the Internet World (13/9)

After a computer crash, a little YouTuber girl finds herself in a digital world full of eccentric characters, like the cruel Queen of Bots.

The Invisible Man (9/14)

After escaping an abusive relationship with a tech mogul, a woman (Elisabeth Moss) finds herself pursued by an unseen entity.

Zombieland: Double Tap (9/15)

Amidst family dramas and bloody battles, the quartet of zombie hunters (Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin) is back, finding more survivors and a new kind of undead.


Untold: The Regatta of the Century (6/9)

The Australia II yacht team recalls the drive, dedication and innovation that led to the historic victory in the 1983 Copa America.

GameStop vs. Wall Street (28/9)

A group of amateurs decide to come up with a plan to make a quick buck and mess up the stock market. But do they know what they’re getting into?

Indian Assassins: Diary of a Serial Killer (7/9)

The suspect in a crime is found and the case is considered closed. Until a diary suggests 13 more victims and possible acts of cannibalism.

Chef’s Table: Pizza (7/9)

Discover the best pizzas in the world, prepared by renowned chefs who put passion, creativity and dedication into every slice.

Anthrax: US Under Attack (8/9)

Days after 9/11, letters with anthrax spores cause panic and tragedy in the US. This documentary shows the investigation of the case by the FBI.

The Everest Earthquake (9/14)

After a terrible earthquake in Nepal, locals and tourists join forces to face destruction in this gripping docuseries.

The Artist of Deception (21/9)

This documentary series traces Wanna Marchi’s journey from humble beginnings to stardom and later decline.

Entergalactic (30/9)

Combining music, art and fashion, this animation follows two creative souls in search of love in New York. With Timothée Chalamet, Vanessa Hudgens and Kid Cudi.


Pokémon: The Chronicles of Arceus (23/9)

While investigating the legend of the mythical Pokémon Arceus, Ash, Goh and Dawn uncover a Team Galactic conspiracy that threatens the world.

My Little Pony: Leave Your Mark – Chapter 2 (26/9)

There’s something wrong with the magic of Equestria, and it’s turning Maretime Bay Day on its head! Will Zipp find out what’s going on?

Ivy and Bean: The Bathroom Ghost (2/9)

A cold fog, noisy pipes and a creepy voice coming from the drain: is the school bathroom haunted? This is a case for Ivy and Bean!

Ivy and Bean (2/9)

Bean discovers that neighbor Ivy has a knack for magic. Poor Bean’s older sister, who will now dance forever!

Ivy and Bean Join the Dance (2/9)

Ivy and Bean decide to do ballet and learn that they will have to dance in front of a huge audience. It’s time to get out!

Ada Batista, Scientist: Season 3 (12/9)

In Ada Batista’s lab, science is pure fun! She and her friends ask big questions and work together to uncover the truth about everything.

Go, Dog. Go! – Season 3 (19/9)

A new family arrives in Dogland! Tag, Scoochi and their friends show them around town and experience unforgettable adventures!

Bee and the Little Kitten (6/9)

On an enchanting magical island, Bee and her furry friend go on various adventures while working at a space temp agency.

LOL – House of Surprises (1/9)

Royal Bee surprises her friends and buys their favorite restaurant to turn it into a fun place. This project will have many twists!

Monster High: Haunted (1/9)

After hearing rumors that her old school is haunted, Spectra Vondergeist and her friends return to Monster High to unravel this spooky mystery.

Dolittle (9/14)

When Queen Victoria falls ill, the recluse Dr. Dolittle sets off on an epic journey alongside his young apprentice and his animal friends in search of a magical cure. With Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Selena Gomez, Emma Thompsom, Rami Malek and Octavia Spencer.


Cyberpunk: Expendables (COMING SOON)

In a dystopian world filled with corruption and cybernetic implants, a street kid tries to become an edgerunner mercenary.

Drifting Home (16/9)

A group of children adrift in an abandoned building try to return home and embark on a coming of age journey.

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