How tall is Kelly Clarkson?


If you consider Kelly Clarkson’s fame – as well as the number and magnitude of her career-related accomplishments – you will surely agree that she is a huge star. However, when it comes to her height, she’s actually not big. In fact, she is ashamed of being perfectly average. For context, you need to know that the average height of women in the United States is 5ft-4, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Clarkson is half an inch shorter than that, at 5 feet-3 and 1/2, by Celeb Heights. Apparently, she once told (via Celeb Heights), “I’m 5ft 1in. I was proud of that half.”

That half inch also makes Clarkson a little taller than other stars who are exactly 5 feet 10 inches, including Natalie Portman, Isla Fisher and Amanda Seyfried, according to Marie Claire Australia. This also makes the “Stronger” singer a little shorter than 5’6″ celebs, including Jessica Chastain, Rashida Jones and Victoria Beckham.

Of course, it’s totally understandable if you thought Clarkson was taller than she is. That’s because she tends to use her elegant ways to increase her height, despite it being a choice that can sometimes lead to painful results.


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