10 Best Fantasy Series on Amazon Prime Video, According to Reddit

With the power rings Now live on Amazon Prime Video, along with a full lineup of releases to keep viewers up to date, many fans are excited to return to Tolkien’s fantastical world, which will delve into the Second Age before the events in Lord of the Rings. Although many focus on the power rings for many weeks now, Amazon Prime Video has a rich catalog of fantasy dramas worth checking out, each exuding the magical world in intricate ways.

High fantasy treats like The Wheel of Time for inventive tales like good omens, there are plenty of options on the streaming service for fantasy fans. From Amazon’s large collection of fantasy series, these are Reddit’s picks of what’s on offer.

The Wheel of Time (2021-)

Wheel of Time poster with the main characters

Based on the epic high fantasy book series of the same name, The Wheel of Time was revealed last year and has already been renewed for a third season even before its second begins airing this year. The series stars Rosamund Pike as the central character Moiraine Damodred, a woman in search of a figure called The Dragon Reborn, who can either save the world or bring about its destruction.

for those who love War of Thrones’ immersive fantasy, Redditor Adderbane suggests that The Wheel of Time is one of the “other big names” fans should check out. Although I may not be able to match War of Thrones for grit and scale, the show instead strips things away and makes the characters’ intimate moments the focal point, giving it a unique appeal.

Terramar (2004)

A still of 3 central characters from the 2004 miniseries Earthsea

Ursula K. Le Guin earthsea book series – set in a high fantasy world of islands and seas, where some are born with a great talent for magic – may never get a big-budget adaptation at the level of Lord of the Rings. But, this mid-2000s miniseries makes up for it in some ways.

Redditor hurdygurdy_sc2 acknowledges that die-hard fans of the books may not appreciate the show’s deviations from the source material, but says they “liked it for what it was.” Shawn Ashmore, who plays the fascinating Lamplighter in The boysplays the reckless main character in a show that hits all the fantasy clichés of wizards, prophecies and magic with a low-budget charm that can be addictive.

Britannia (2017-)

A promotional image for the Britannia series on Amazon Prime

Britannia is a show that intriguingly blends fantasy with true history, while creating its own version of the Roman invasion of Britain. Many of the characters are actual historical figures, but magical druids and demons play such an important role in your epic fantasy action. Redditor EnemyTuba was a person who was won over by her unique charms.

They say they “really enjoyed” the show’s “Roman period fantasy in England”. While his loose historical foundation could easily have made it all too serious, critics praised him for going in the exact opposite direction and leaning into the absurdity of the whole thing. And so Britannia it’s a refreshing change for fans weary of grittier fantasy offerings.

Grimm (2011-2017)

2 detectives at a crime scene in Grimm

Fantasy and police procedure are two genres that don’t seem to work well together, but grimm proved throughout its run that it could be an attractive mix. Instead of being set in the distant past, the series adds creatures inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales to a modern world where your homicide detectives come into contact with them.

Redditor therlwl recommends it for its unique premise, describing it as an “urban fantasy”. High fantasy may still be many fans’ favorite flavor, but it’s this urban element that makes Grimm uniquely appealing. The way the show incorporates its fantastical elements and fairytale monsters into its main characters’ everyday lives is as inventive as any medieval fantasy and provides fascinating insight.

Carnival Row (2019-)

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delvingne holding hands on Carnival Row.

For fantasy with a noir twist, Carnival Street is one of the most ambitious Amazon Original series in recent years. In a world where mythological beings are oppressed refugees struggling to survive in a world dominated by humans, Carnival Street‘s mysterious and fascinating plot unfolds.

Redditors like everythingrrrrzzz quickly became fans of the show, which features big names like Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in pivotal roles, summing it up as “pretty good!” While some critics felt that the show’s attempt to juggle social commentary and fantasy tropes doesn’t work, many fans were delighted with the details that went into crafting its beautiful steampunk world.

The Boys (2019-)

The superhero group Seven in The Boys

Superhero shows are generally not considered fantasy, but The boys has been so endlessly inventive over its three seasons that some Redditors feel it more than deserves a spot among the best in Amazon Prime’s fantasy collection. One was user goozgooz69 who praised the show’s “amazing story and premise”.

Rather than making its central characters aspirational superheroes, the show portrays them as unstable, narcissistic, corrupt, and downright dangerous to audiences, and this makes for devastating satire. season 3 was one of the most popular shows of 2022 as fans couldn’t get enough of its aggressively unconventional approach to the superhero genre.

American Gods (2017-2021)

Wednesday and Shadow Moon in American Gods

With the sandman this year continuing the trend of Neil Gaiman’s amazing television adaptations, it’s easy to forget how american gods helped kick-start Gaiman’s massive novel about new and old gods in modern America. Although it was canceled last year, its three seasons managed to win over critics thanks to its confidence in exploring difficult themes.

For those concerned that knowledge of the book might be necessary to enjoy the series, Redditor InMyHead33 makes it clear that this is not the case, calling the series “so good!” and “currently reading the book because I heard it was even better.” Even for those with little literary interest, the series is a treasure trove of stylish visuals and typically smart moments that Gaiman fans love.

The Man from the High Castle (2015-2019)

Alexa Davalos and Rufus Sewell in Man in the High Castle

The alternate history series creates an extremely interesting fantasy sub-genre, and The Man from the High Castle is one of the most memorable examples. Based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 novel, the series imagines a world where the Axis powers won World War II, but impossible images emerge of the Allies winning the war.

A series that proved Amazon has the ambition to make big-budget imaginative shows has worked since 2015, Redditor blahblahrasputan doesn’t believe it The Man from the High Castle should be overlooked, praising him for being exceptionally “very smart”. Complex characters, compelling plot twists, and sci-fi features make it one of Amazon’s best shows.

The 10th Kingdom (2000)

Scott Cohen and Kimberly Williams in The 10th Kingdom

With so many big-name fantasy shows full of real stars popping up recently, it’s easy to forget that big-name fantasy shows have been popping up for decades, and The 10th Kingdom’fans consider it to be one of those. Redditor _APRIL_ notes the series’ age, but describes it as “old but good” and still one of Prime’s best fantasy offerings.

The series uses the intriguing premise that two ordinary people, a father and daughter in New York, are suddenly transported to a world of fairy tales and magic. While critics thought the show’s stars were lackluster, and fantasy purists didn’t approve of its melodramatic elements, the simple charm of the low-budget effects and a lighthearted tone means it still has plenty of fans.

Good Omens (2019-2022)

michael sheen and david tennant in good omens as aziraphale and crowley on a bench

An adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s collaboration with Terry Pratchett, not everyone agreed if Amazon good omens The series managed to do the books justice. However, what critics and fans alike agreed is that its premise of an angel and a demon trying to stop the apocalypse is gleefully inventive and portrayed with plenty of humor.

In particular, fans like the Redditor of Cabbages and Kings14 deem David Tennant and Michael Sheen “so perfectly cast it was almost absurd” as the central protagonists of demon and angel of good omens. Both deliver winning performances, and their hilarious dynamics are a big part of why the show is highly acclaimed.

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