After Fachin suspends gun decrees, Ana Paula criticizes ‘activism’ of STF ministers

Commentators from the program Os Pingos Nos Is echoed the decision of Edson Fachin, a member of the STF, who restricted the number of firearms and ammunition after suspending presidential decree

Lula Marques / AGPT – 08/2/2017 firearms
STF Minister Edson Fachin suspended presidential decrees on firearms and ammunition

the minister Edson Fachinof Federal Court of Justice, responded to a request from the PSB and PT and restricted decrees issued by President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) regarding the purchase of firearms and ammunition, in addition to the possession of weapons. The rules were already under analysis by the Supreme Court, but the trial was suspended after Minister Nunes Marques asked for a view. In March 2021, Fachin, who is the rapporteur of the cases, voted against the rules edited by the Chief Executive. In the decision of this Monday, 4th, the magistrate claimed ‘urgency’ caused by the elections as a basis for limiting the decrees and stated that there is an alleged “risk of political violence that makes the need to grant the request of the opposition acronyms. In practice, Fachin’s decisions determine that the possession of a firearm can only be authorized to people who concretely demonstrate, for personal or professional reasons, that they have an effective need. And the acquisition can only be authorized in the interests of public security or national defense, and not because of personal interest. In addition, the minister limited the purchase of ammunition to the proportion that guarantees only what is necessary for the safety of citizens. Fachin’s decision should be taken to the virtual plenary, with no date yet set for analysis of the case.

during the program The Pings of the Isgives Young panthe commentator Ana Paula Henkel considered that there is a flaw in the process of entering justices for the Supreme Court, since there is no need for the new member to have acted as judges previously. “In Brazil, to get to the Supreme Court, you don’t need to be a judge is a big mistake. Today we have a Judiciary committed to activism and militancy”, she classified. The analyst also classified the current Brazilian State as an ‘exception’ and that the elections that will take place in October will serve for the Brazilian people to be able to choose between “who wants to follow the Constitution and who supports this type of activism and this State of Exception that we live,” he said.

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