Camilla de Lucas celebrates after winning follow from Viola Davis

Viola Davis, Oscar-winning American actress, started following Camilla de Lucas on social media

Camilla de Lucas appeared on social networks to share a novelty with followers. The influencer was followed on Instagram by Viola Davisan American actress who has won several awards, including an Oscar.

Through her Twitter, the former BBB celebrated the new follower and published a print of the moment.

She still made another post, shocked with the information: “I am so far: what do you mean Viola Davis is following me on Instagram? Mercy, I won’t be able to mess up in stories anymore”.

Quickly, netizens were excited by the interaction.

“Won at life,” wrote one. “My God, I would die instantly,” joked another. “I never recovered again,” said a third.

It is worth remembering that Viola Davis will come to Brazil in September to promote her new film, ‘A Mulher Rei’.

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