Champions League begins, with players eyeing the Cup

Today (6) the most anticipated, difficult and exciting football tournament between clubs begins: the Champions League. There are great national championships around the world, but the Champions League is where the best European teams are found. This is where football breathes class, with most of the best players on the planet.

It is also in the Champions League where the season really starts for teams that play in very weak championships, like PSG, or that are dominant, like Bayern Munich.

In the group stage it is difficult to have unpleasant surprises, like a big being eliminated from the decisive games that start in the round of 16. In the knockout stage, anyone can fall, but the greatest chances of advancing in the competition are always those clubs with history, weight on their shirt and used not only to win, but also to come close to the title.

It’s not easy to face Real Madrid, Liverpool or Bayern Munich at these stages, as history has shown in recent years. And then there are the teams that are trying to get into the big leagues in Europe, but that keep finding it difficult when they play against the heaviest shirts.

Guardiola’s Manchester City are once again one of the favourites. But this time, it will come in with more offensive force. Haaland was perhaps the player City needed to make a leap in quality – because, in my opinion, they always lacked someone to decide and kill the game, as they say in football. And with the Norwegian, City will have this player.

PSG is another team that is talked about every year, but they only reached the final once, in the 2019/20 season, and lost to Bayern.

City and PSG have the same problem: they don’t have a history on the continent and they don’t have the weight of the shirt when deciding. The last Champions League made that very clear, when the two clashed with Real Madrid and were eliminated.

As I said, I believe that Guardiola’s team this year can, for real, win the title. In the case of PSG, I still think that once again it will not go anywhere.

Another thing that will be interesting in this Champions League: to see how the players will be delivered, with only two and a half months to go before the start of the Cup, the tournament that no player wants to be left out, especially due to injury.

Of course, when it’s time to enter the field, most players go all out for the games. But there can also be those who will take their foot off to try to avoid a stronger match for fear of losing the World Cup.

This will be another ingredient for this season’s Champions League. It’s that thing, one eye on the fish and the other on the cat. This popular saying explains it well: when there are two important things to happen, you don’t want to be left out of either.

For me, the big favorite is again Real Madrid. In addition to being the biggest winner of the Champions League, with 14 trophies, it is a team that has been predominant for a long time. From the 2013/14 season onwards, he went to the final five times and won them all. It will be the great team to beat for whoever wants to be champion. I just keep thinking about the tension it must give to those who could be Real’s opponents in the decisive stages…

What is certain is that we will have great games ahead, wonderful goals, unexpected turns and disputes all the time, with a lot of technique and intensity. Because this tournament is called the Champions League.

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