Doctor runs out of power and uses electric car to perform surgery

An American doctor based in Austin, Texas, has completed what may be the first surgery powered by an electric car, in this case a Rivian R1T pickup truck.

Doctor Christopher Yang was about to start a vasectomy at his clinic when he was caught off guard by a power outage. As the patient was already off duty and couldn’t reschedule the procedure, one of the medical team members had an idea: use an extension cord to plug the equipment into Yang’s R1T to proceed with the surgery.


In the end, the patient approved of the idea and the operation was a success. The doctor shared the feat on Twitter:

“I performed what is probably the world’s first motorized vasectomy,” the post reads.

It is worth remembering that the Rivian R1T can also function as a kind of mobile power generator, with four outlets available in the bucket. Dr Yang used one of them to plug in the extension cord.

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Currently sold for US$73,000, the model offers a range of 505 km (314 miles). There’s also a longer-range version in Rivian’s plans, the ‘Max Pack’, with 643 km of range (400 miles).

The R1T can be ordered in two versions: with 600 hp twin electric motor or 800 hp quad engine. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, according to the manufacturer, takes just 3 seconds.

As it will be one of the most sought after EVs of the moment, anyone who buys an R1T today must wait until the end of 2023 to receive the vehicle.

Main image: Christopher Yang/Twitter

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