Free up space in Gmail with these quick and very simple tips

Gmail is one of the e-mail services that revolutionized the way of using the internet. It is free and has a large amount of storage, which can be compromised if nothing is done.

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Check out some of the habits you should adopt to avoid leaving your inbox clogged with files that are not even useful.

Learn how to quickly free up space in Gmail

To clear space in your Gmail account and not worry about sending and receiving files anymore, just follow a few simple tips. These are very efficient tricks, but they make all the difference in the matter.

– Use the message filter

The best way to start cleaning Gmail is to filter your stored messages. Delete all information that will not be useful at any time. Many store promotions, marketing, offers and automatic messages can be eliminated in this way. With just that, you can free up a good amount of space on your account.

– Eliminate the heaviest ones first

Usually, email attachments are the factors that fill your inbox the most. Therefore, you can find the “Size” section, select the “greater than” option and enter “over 500 KB”. This will show all the large files that take up a lot of Gmail space.

– Trash and spam box also weigh

Another important habit is emptying the trash, as the items that are there also consume your account’s storage on Gmail. Take the opportunity to check Spam and also delete everything that is no longer useful.

– Configure images in Gmail

Finally, a very efficient tip is to reduce the size of the image files. Just go to “Settings” and then “Photo and Video Upload Size” and select “Storage Savings”. Your images will lose quality, but they will still be present in the email if you wish.

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