Horror in Mineiro: Cruzeiro fan reports fracture after police attack

Diogenes Peterson before (left) and after (center and right) being attacked by the PM at the entrance to the Yellow sector, this Sunday (4/9), at Mineir
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Diogenes Peterson before (left) and after (center and right) being attacked by the PM at the entrance to the Yellow sector, this Sunday (4/9), in Mineiro

Cruzeiro’s expectation for the game between Cruzeiro and Cricima was a party on and off the field. But not everything was as expected this Sunday (4/9), in Mineiro. Despite the team having moved even closer to accession in Serie B,

Diogenes Peterson, 27, was one of the fans marked by the great disorganization seen at the entrance of Gigante da Pampulha. The bank manager fractured his jaw in two points when he was attacked by the Minas Gerais Military Police in Porto C, at the entrance to the Upper Yellow sector. The assault took place around 3:20 pm.

“As soon as I arrived at the stadium, I started talking to an acquaintance, who is security at Minas Arena, at the port next to where the organized ones invaded. He ran to try to close the gates, a professional friend of his was pushed by these ‘fans’. , and soon the police came. To get out of the confusion, I went to the side and when I was almost leaning against the fence, a group of four policemen passed”, Diogenes tells supersports.

“I had my hands up when I got pepper sprayed in the eye by one of the cops. I kept my hands up saying I was alone, but the other cop looked me in the face and slammed his truncheon right on the left side of the head. my face”, he adds.

the bank
photo: reproduction

Banker Diogenes Peterson will have to undergo oral and maxillofacial surgery to correct a fracture caused by a blow given by a police officer

Overcrowded in the match against Cricima, the Yellow sector of Mineiro was the scene of serious confusion at the beginning of the match. Due to the long lines at the entrance to the stadium, the gates were opened so that a greater number of Cruzeiro residents could enter quickly. The flow of people was so great that fans ended up being trampled. PMMG tried to contain the ‘invasion’ with the use of outside and pepper sprays.

Diogenes describes that he even fainted after taking the blow to the face, but he recovered his senses and quickly went to the nearest ambulance. “Besides me, a woman passed out, carried by friends, two children breathless from the pepper sprays and two ladies almost fainting,” he said.

The banker said that shortly after entering the vehicle, another port was invaded. The doctor in charge would then have asked them to lock the doors, as there were sounds of bombs and rubber shots, which would have even hit the ambulance.

Diogenes Peterson had his jaw fractured after
photo: reproduction

Diogenes Peterson had his jaw fractured after being hit by a policeman with a baton on the left side of his face.

With his jaw broken in two parts, Diogenes was transferred by Unimed to Hospital Joo XXIII, where he will undergo oral and maxillofacial surgery this Tuesday (6/9). Due to the severity of the injury, he has not yet been able to file a report of the assault.

Without being able to move his mouth properly due to the period of 60 days to recover from the surgery, the Cruzeiro native will not be able to work for the next two months and will have to file a leave request with the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

In contact with the report, the Military Police of Minas Gerais stated that it had not been aware of what had happened.

Location of Minas Arena

O supersports contacted Minas Arena, and the manager of Mineiro took a stand on the situation, stating that there was an invasion of fans who arrived in large numbers, forced entry into port C and invaded the stadium.

“The operating model for fans’ access, which includes turnstiles, referees and supervisors, is the club’s responsibility. Mineiro supports this operation with equipment (turnstiles) and security,” said the stadium concessionaire.

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