How to use Nubank’s Installment Pix?

Understand how Pix Installed works and what are the situations in which it is advantageous to use this digital banking tool.

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Nubank launched a new tool that allows customers to use their credit card limit to make a transaction via Pix in installments. The name of this tool is “Pix no Crédito” and users can make the payment in a single installment or up to 12 installments.

In this way, recipients receive the values ​​in full and instantaneously. In addition, before carrying out the transition, it is possible to simulate the value and check the number of installments. It is worth mentioning that fintech is releasing the new feature gradually.

How to use Split Pix?

Firstly, this operation can be done in two different ways: the first is through a Pix key, the second through a Pix QR Code. So, check out the step-by-step for both possibilities:

Transaction by Pix key

  • Access the application;
  • Click on the “Pix Area” shortcut;
  • Click on “Transfer”;
  • Enter the transaction amount;
  • Enter the Pix key;
  • Confirm the data;
  • Click on “Choose how to transfer” and then on “Debit Card”;
  • Choose the number of installments;
  • Review the transfer details;
  • Enter the 4-digit password.

Transaction by QR Code

  • Access the shortcut “Pay”;
  • Click on “Pay Pix with QR Code”;
  • Click on “Read QR Code”;
  • Scan the code and confirm the recipient’s data;
  • Choose the number of installments;
  • Enter the 4-digit password.

In what situations is it worth using Pix Parcelado?

Check out the best situations to use Pix Installed below:

  • When there is a discount for purchases in this modality, such as payment with cash;
  • In cases of greater discount than interest when using this payment method;
  • In emergency situations, that is, when the customer does not have access to a credit card or immediate money in the account.

important care

It is worth mentioning that Pix Parcelado can be a trigger for those who do not have a financial organization, especially when using this modality without a card. That is, in these situations the due date of the installments can start from the date of purchase and it takes a lot of organization if this happens.

Thus, if the customer makes several purchases on Pix Parcelado throughout the month, it is necessary to ensure that he will have money in his account when the installments expire on different days.

Therefore, this charge works like an automatic debit, in the case of installments without a card, that is, it is made directly on the account. Thus, if the user does not have the money in his account, he will fall into the overdraft and may run the risk of paying more interest for late payment.

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