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Yara Charry

The Franco-Brazilian actress Yara Charry will appear on the Globoplay screen playing Joy, in the soap opera “Todas as Flores” that is scheduled to premiere next month. In this work, Yara will act mainly with Regina Casé, Letícia Colin and Sophie Charlotte. The characters of the four actresses will be a family whose mother, Zoe (Regina Casé) is completely underhanded and evil. The production will have 85 chapters, which will be shown in two stages, one between October and December of this year, and the other between April and June of 2023. Wait and see.


Illustrated Journal
Jô Soares during the recording of the testimony for ‘Que Copa É Essa?’, by sportv

Today’s edition of “What Cup Is That?” shown by SporTV will have a very special participation by Jô Soares through a recording made shortly before he was hospitalized and later died. The presenter, writer, actor and comedian recorded from his home office a statement about a part of his rich history that was little known to the public: his involvement with the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland. The unpublished material will be shown this Sunday at 10:30 pm. Presented by André Rizek, Paulo César Vasconcellos and Paulo Vinícius Coelho, the program will also remember the 1950 World Cup, played in Brazil. It’s on SporTV, right after the “Exchange of Passes”.

20 years of career

Celebrating 20 years of career, singer Xand Avião, one of the main names of forró in the country, has just released his new single “Para de Me Iludir” on all streaming platforms. The track was also accompanied by a music video made available on the artist’s official YouTube channel. The work is a romantic forró and shows all the vocal quality of Xand, who, with his unique timbre, talks about affective responsibility, directly addressing the harm that games and manipulation do in a relationship. With a lighter and well-paced beginning, the music grows until it gains more body and becomes super danceable, ready to rock many forró nights throughout Brazil.

the said sentence

“This is one of those songs that everyone can relate to. Who has never been in a relationship where one didn’t want to assume the feeling while the other was deluded? Very happy and excited about this project that is already on the lips of the people”, declares Xand Avião, about his new single, “Para de Me Iludir”.

For the future

Deborah Secco does not hide that she intends to have another child; she is already the mother of Maria Flor, the result of her relationship with Hugo Moura. And let the little ones come.


Two BandNews FM presenters were awarded at the 16th. edition of the Woman Press Trophy. Carla Bigatto won in the radio anchor category. This is the fifth time the journalist has been honored. Sheila Magalhães, anchor and executive editor of the BandNews FM Network, was elected best radio reporter.

talking about controversies

The other day Cinthia Cruz was the guest of “Podcalizando”. On the podcast, the presenter did not mince words in “Crushing”, a frame in which she decided whether or not to crush some famous people. About MC Rebecca, she recalled the fights that the two had on “De Férias com o Ex Celebs”, a reality show of ex-couples in which the two participated. “In ‘De Vacation’, we didn’t get along at all. She kept fighting with me all the time,” she said. However, Cinthia explained that after the reality show, the two understood each other. In the end, Cinthia shredded half of the photo of MC Rebecca, because now everything is fine between the two. In the episode, the presenter of “Cozynhando Ideias” also talked about what it was like to have participated in “De Férias com o Ex Celebs”. “I don’t regret it. After I left the house, we had a psychologist and I thought: ‘that’s it,’” she said, because she was afraid of the reality show’s repercussions, as she used to make children’s soap operas.


The second and final semifinal of “Canta Comigo Teen” hits the screens today on Record TV. This is the last chance for participants to secure a spot in the first grand final. With this decisive step, the young competitors interpret national and international hits full of personality, such as “Agora Só Miss Você”, by the Queen of Brazilian Rock, Rita Lee, “Story Of My Life”, by the boyband One Direction, “Run to You ”, by Whitney Houston, who was nominated for an Oscar and a Grammy, “É isto Ai”, by Ana Carolina and Seu Jorge, and many other hits. All this before the watchful eye of the public who will discover which candidates have hit the nail on the head and are still in the competition.

A good place to work

SBT was announced as one of the Best Companies to Work for in Barueri and region, according to the Great Place To Work ranking. It is the second time that the broadcaster has won this title (the first time was in 2019).

zealous mother

Sabrina Sato said that she has been trying to read about child psychology, in order to have more knowledge to educate her daughter Zoe, the result of her relationship with Duda Nagle.

TV Test – 09/04/2022

Tony Ramos / GB Image File

Illustrated Journal
S. Quirico Engraving / Italy – Chiesa Vitaleta – S. Quirico Engraving / Italy – Chiesa Vitaleta – Cap 41 – Totó (Tony Ramos) next to his 65 year Fiat 500.

1) What was the country of origin of Totó (Tony Ramos) in the soap opera “Passione”?

the France

b) Switzerland

c) Germany

d) Italy

2) In which soap opera did Denise Fraga play a blind florist?

a) “The Rector’s Pupils”

b) “Slave Isaura”

c) “The Baron’s Bones”

d) “Blood Of My Blood”

3) Who played the character Amália in the soap opera “As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor”?

a) Daniela Camargo

b) Débora Bloch

c) Denise Fraga

d) Jussara Freire

4) Who gave life to the character Dr. Cristina in the series “Mulher”, which was shown by Globo?

a) Eva Wilma

b) Carla Daniel

c) Patricia Pillar

d) Nathália do Valle

5) What was the name of the character played by Leandra Leal in the soap opera “O Cravo e a Rosa”?

a) Bianca

b) mimosa

c) Marcela

d) Candoca

(Answers: 1-D / 2-D / 3-A / 4-C / 5-A)

Horoscope – 09/04/2022

By Geremy Altins


Everything indicates that you need to rest and get out of the routine. Otherwise, you will end up putting your feet in your hands in the name of stress. Think about yourself more and take care of your mind.


Your effort will be rewarded soon. For now, you will have to improve more in the professional area to make yourself noticed. Count on the good intentions of your colleagues.


At work, fight for what you want and don’t wait for support from your colleagues. Remember that the formula for your success is in yourself. Face changes head on.


You will feel the need to review your values ​​and beliefs. Some of your attitudes are no longer appropriate and your posture at work will also have to be reassessed. Think about it.


Excellent for all contacts. Good for resolving business or professional matters. Enlist the support of your superiors. Also good for love. Enjoy this day!


The moment calls for calm and introspection. Your health is getting more attention. Try to relax and not think too much about your work. Good for moments together.


The moment favors all your contacts at work. Count on the support of superiors, but beware of those who claim to be friends, but who actually have bad intentions.


Professional development continues to require concentration and perseverance. On the other hand, social life and new contacts should also be treated as a priority.


Trust your intuition and you will have the opportunity to have all your hunches confirmed. Learn to compromise to reap the rewards you so desire.


The loved one will be more affectionate and this will be a great stimulus for you to dedicate yourself more to the relationship. Be more cooperative in the family environment.


Bet on your success and move forward with your goals. Don’t get involved in conflicts and don’t listen to malicious gossip, especially when it comes to your love life.


Today you may face unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately, you are flexible enough to find quick solutions and to resolve events that are out of the ordinary.

Soap operas – 04/09/2022

There is no display.

Movies – 09/04/2022


Planet of the apes the origin

(Rise of the Planet of the Apes) 12:30 pm on Globo, USA, 2011. Directed by Rupert Wyatt. With Andy Serkis, James Franco, Freida Pinto, Brian Cox, Tom Felton, DavidOyelowo, Tyler Labine, Jamie Harris, David Hewlett, Ty Olsson. When laboratory chimpanzees develop human intelligence and emotions, an epic battle rages to determine the dominant species on the planet.

Goosebumps: Monsters and Goosebumps!

(Goosebumps) 14:00, on Record, USA, 2015. Directed by Rob Letterman. With Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Amy Ryan, Ryan Lee, Odeya Rush, Jillian Bell. Young Zach Cooper moves from New York to a small town in the United States, where his mother is transferred. There, they live in the house next door to Hannah – with whom the teenager falls in love – and her father, the surly RL Stine. After hearing screams coming from the property next door, Zach breaks into the residence with the help of his fearful colleague and ends up accidentally opening one of the books and, consequently, starting the release of all the monsters created by Stine. Together they will have to send the creatures back to the shelves.

Sinbad the Clumsy Sailor

(Sinbad the Clumsy Sailor) 00:00, on SBT, Brazil, 1975. Directed by JB Tanco. With Renato Aragão, Dedé Santana, Carlos Kurt, Edson Rabello. The magician Ali Tufi, even though he already has a genie from the lamp, believes that a philosopher’s stone will bring him fortune, happiness and power and that only Sinbad can help him in this quest. Tufi then decides to kidnap Sinbad, a trapeze artist at the circus, but an unforeseen event after the kidnapping promises to change everyone’s plans.

double blow

(Focus) 2:10 am, on Globo, USA, 2015. Directed by Glenn Ficarra, John Requa. With Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro, Gerald Mcraney, Adrian Martinez, Brennan Brown. Nicky is a professional crook chosen as a victim by an upstart. He gets carried away by the scam to unmask her, but becomes romantically involved.

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